7HD signs advertisers

The Seven Network has released more information about 7HD which picks up more programming from Monday.

Promising 50 hours of programming, Seven has signed advertisers Harvey Norman and Universal Music to the channel.

Seven confirms a new Tonight show for Andrew O’Keefe and another to be produced by Sunrise’s Adam Boland, both due early 2008.

Seven will also screen the series Day Break, a short-lived drama starring starred Taye Diggs as a detective who is framed for murder. Due to a time loop, he lives the same day over and over.

7HD also promises “another significant step the new year – with details on programming plans to be released in January.”

Hopefully not more faded US series?

Press Release:

Australia’s newest channel is now. It’s here. It’s live.

More than 50 hours of exclusive programming each week and building further in early 2008.

7HD outlines plans for new content including Seven Original television productions for Australia’s newest channel.

The Seven Network’s new channel, 7HD, will launch 50 hours of exclusive weekly programming from tomorrow. This is the next step in Seven’s migration to multiple channel television on its digital platform. 7HD is the first commercial multiple channel to launch in Australia and the first channel to move to a broader schedule.

Seven HD – a free channel and number 70 on your HD channel tuner – steps up from Monday. In addition to confirming a sweeping multiple channel strategy, Seven today also released the signing of major advertising agreements for the new channel, welcoming its first advertising partners to 7HD with an exclusive arrangement with Harvey Norman that will drive the awareness and take-up of high definition television and 7HD. Seven also confirmed Universal Music as a major partner on 7HD and will announce further new partnerships in the coming weeks.

The new channel will have as its foundation a commitment to the creation of Seven Original television productions and a number of new international series that will be exclusive to 7HD.

Seven today confirmed two new projects: one which features the talents of Andrew O’Keefe, the other, a new primetime programme from the executive producer of Sunrise, the programme that changed the dynamic in breakfast and morning television.

Seven is committed to creating a new channel that encourages and promotes new developments and ideas, the network’s on-air talent and its creative, production, promotion and marketing teams in its programming across multiple channels.

The company sees 7HD as a foundation from which it will build on the Seven Network’s acknowledged leadership in the production of Australian television programmes.

The first Seven Original for 7HD programmes are a new project for Andrew O’Keefe and a new primetime series created by Adam Boland, Seven’s Director of Morning Television and Strategic Initiatives. Both programmes will launch in early 2008.

Seven’s Chief Executive Officer David Leckie, said: “We are leading the drive into multichanneling.

And we can’t wait to deliver Australians more entertainment in 2008 and then build on that through the year to launch what will be our third channel in early 2009.

“7HD is about having a go, giving Australians more programmes and allowing our people to get cracking on creating new Australian content. We are recognised as the leader in news and public affairs, sports and the production of shows that Australians want to watch. 7HD will confirm our leadership in the creation and development of programmes relevant to all Australians.”

7HD was launched on 15 October and was the first commercial multi-channel in Australia.

From Monday, December 10, 7HD increases its programming commitment to more than eight hours a day of unique content.

7HD is creating and commissioning new Australian programmes that will only be seen on 7HD.

7HD will also deliver more sport, more movies, more documentaries and more children’s programmes. 7HD will take another significant step the new year – with details on programming plans to be released in January.

New made-for-HD international series, including the new American series, Daybreak, and new documentary programmes, mini-series and the launch of premiere Disney family movies at 6:30pm Saturday, will also form a cornerstone of 7HD’s programming – along with the opportunity for Australians to catch in high definition the biggest programmes on Australia’s leading television network.

Produced at Seven’s high-tech digital news centre – the glass-front, streetscape home of Sunrise, The Morning Show, Seven News and Today Tonight – Andrew O’Keefe’s new programme will bring the popular host into a new format.

“Sartorially speaking, I’m a huge fan of stripes on stripes so I’m really looking forward to testing out the anti-strobing capabilities of High Definition TV,” said Andrew.

Details on the new programme from Adam Boland – also slated for primetime launch on 7HD in the new year – will be released in the coming weeks. The new programmes are the first of a number of planned Seven Original productions destined for exclusive broadcast on 7HD.


  1. From “The Australian” Meid section today:

    Ten estimates the penetration of high-definition will reach 20 per cent by the end of this year, although ratings for the new channels are unlikely to be broken out from those of the existing channels until the middle of next year at the earliest.

    So some information about HD ratings, if it’s true of course.

  2. I agree HD has been driven by egos and scant info.

    That said, TV Tonight has been hosting 7HD Guides including those for the next two weeks. Check Advance Guides.

    Seven has at LAST added 7HD to its Yahoo TV Guide on their site.

  3. Ohhh dear.

    “7HD is about having a go…”

    Indeed it is. A “go” at Ten. Note the references to that magic “50 hours” preceded by “more than”.

    One small problem. There is no EPG. There are no printed listings. Nobody actually knows WHAT is going to be on 7HD as of tomorrow. Via my subscription to the IceTV EPG I possibly *could* know, but I won’t, because IceTV won’t list the new HD channels as they’re scared of getting sued – by the networks they would actually be helping promote!

    So whatever I’m recording this week off the Seven network – I do not watch any live TV – will have to be SD lest I run into William And Mary Syndrome, and discover a completely unadvertised program on my PVR where the listed one should have been.

    Sorry Seven, but you seem to have forgotten amidst all this peacock-like feather-showing that there is no point in running a new channel if nobody knows what the hell is actually ON IT.

    But hey, I’m sure at least it means a bit of chest-puffing at those exec-heavy bars, doesn’t it Leckie?

  4. The funny thing is neither the promos or the commercials that run on 7HD will be in HD !!! They will be the good old SD ones up scaled -gee won’t that be great picture quality.

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