AOK gets thumbs up for Tonight show

He is already one of the busiest guys on screen, but next year Andrew O’Keefe adds The Late Andrew O’Keefe to his jam-packed schedule.

The Tonight format will screen exclusively on 7HD.

“I thought I’d get in before the critics,” O’Keefe told the Sun-Herald. “It will be something like Rove meets the Hammer House Of Horror.”

Expected to debut early in 2008 O’Keefe will write, produce and star in the show, likely primed for a 9:30 or 10:30pm timeslot.

Meanwhile O’Keefe will continue to front Deal or No Deal, Weekend Sunrise and a new series of The Rich List.


  1. I met Andrew O’Keefe just recently and he is one of the most lovely people around! Put it this way, if you saw him at a party you’d want to hang around him. He has a killer sense of humour and is perfectly charming. It’s such a shame this doesn’t come through on TV, but to those idiots that keep dismissing him, why don’t you get a life? Just because he’s doing well and you’re not doesn’t mean you have to get sour…

  2. well I’m with Mandy (9 December 2007 15:20), let him have his late night show but not his shirt. Or his microphone. Will all the slutty late night ads feature him as well?

  3. the most pompous person on TV!!!I know from the industry just how much he is disliked by those know him..he doesn’t have any friends on the competing networks, whereas most TV stars are generally respected by the opposition.

  4. NO!!!!!!!
    So many better choices for a “Tonight Show” than this arrogant fool! I will scream and shout till it is taken off air! 7’s version of “Eddie Everywhere”!!!

  5. I reckon a show like this could really work on channel 7 if they had special guests from their popular shows like Home & Away either doing skits or just showing a different side to themselves..

    It would definitely gain an audience if they went that way, and maybe showed some channel 7 show bloopers too!

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