Daryl made demands

Less than a week after walking from Dancing with the Stars the network seems to have wasted no time in turning.

Some of the terminology in last week’s Today Tonight was certainly forthright: Daryl “wanted more than the network could give him,” and was “swapping his dancing shoes for running shoes.” It also admitted the host was unhappy with series to series contracts.

Now sources tell The Australian Somers was more than a little demanding.

It claimed he wanted the show to be renamed Dancing with the Stars with Daryl Somers, dismissed by production company Granada. He also asked for a Winnebago to be parked outside Seven’s Melbourne studios as a large personal dressing room.

Somers also allegedly asked for the same amount of money even if there were only one season next year.


  1. What a prat! Some things never change – he was a gigantic ego on legs back then, and he is still the same now.

    Good riddance – I might even watch the show now he’s gone!!!

    Fingers crossed that none of the other networks want him either!!

  2. Oh please people… just that line about the Winnebago confirmed for me that both TT’s and The Australian newspaper’s stories are just a load of crapola.

    Daryl being shirty about series-by-series contracts… if I recall correctly, it was Sommers himself who didn’t want to be tied to the network in a long term contract anyway. Why would he now be annoyed about it?

    Before we all hop on the “let’s bash Daryl” bandwagon… stop and take a moment to remember he hosted a show continuously for 28 years. Whether the other cast members liked him at the time or not is irrelevant… if it wasn’t for Daryl, they would have remained old 70s rocker has-beens and bad comics.

    If he wanted to wack his name on the end of DWTS, then who cares! It wasn’t like Seven didn’t get any mileage out of having him back on TV and on their network!

  3. He is not a “huge star” … he is an arrogant, overrated has-been …. thanfully someone has finally put him in his place …. off our screens!
    “It is NOT all about YOU Daryl!!!!”

  4. The guy is one of the legends of tv alongside Kennedy,Newton,Eddie..all the Nine icons. If he wanted ..with Daryl Somer’s tacked on Seven should have said ok. Now they’ve lost a huge star and he may come back to Nine.

    Anyway I think it should have been named DARYL SOMER’S PRESENTS! dancing with the stars lol.

  5. This would suggest that nothing has changed from his ‘Hey Hey’ days. He was never Mr Popularity with the other members of the cast there. Arrogant beyond his talent.

  6. “a Winnebago to be parked outside Seven’s Melbourne studios”, who does he think he is Naomi Robson?

    I doubt very much the promo would’ve said ‘with Daryl Sommers’, Granada would’ve had a heart attack.

  7. I’m pretty sure at one stage the end screen of the promos did refer to the show with the words “Dancing with the Stars with Darryl Sommers”

  8. Who does he think he is??

    What a loser, seven are probably better off without him, he was lucky to get the gig to start with considering he’s been off the air for so many years prior.

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