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There are free interactive games on Foxtel this coming weekend as part of a re-launch of the GamesWorld brand on Channel 555.

By pressing the red button on the Foxtel remote, subscribers will have access to all games in the three genres, Kids Family, Brainteaser Trivia and Casino Sport for free.

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FOXTEL today relaunches its popular GAMESWORLD service on channel 555, with a new look and three new content genres. GAMESWORLD is one of FOXTEL’s interactive features, and will deliver subscribers instant access to a fun and friendly entertainment experience at home using their FOXTEL remote.

GAMESWORLD offers subscribers a suite of interactive games that are entertaining for the whole family across three genres, Kids Family, Brainteaser Trivia and Casino Sport.

Kids Family will keep the household amused with new fun and easy to play games with well known, trusted subscription television brands like The Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 and Boomerang’s Scooby Doo.

Brainteaser Trivia lets subscribers take a break and challenge themselves with a selection of mind bending games, from daily trivia to challenging number and word games.

Casino Sport features a range of play for fun games, where subscribers can test their skills at games including football, bowling, golf, cards and poker.

To celebrate the relaunch of FOXTEL’s interactive GAMESWORLD service, FOXTEL is giving subscribers the opportunity to feel playful with a “Free Games Weekend” promotion. On Saturday, December 15 and Sunday, December 16 2007, by pressing the red button on their FOXTEL remote, subscribers will have access to all games in the three genres, Kids Family, Brainteaser Trivia and Casino Sport for free.

“Part of the FOXTEL offering is providing services above and beyond core television programs. Our interactive services, such as games, complement our TV offerings and have enjoyed strong support in the past,” said Patrick Delany , FOXTEL Executive Director of Content, Product Development and Delivery.

“Today we launch our new updated GAMESWORLD service, which provides subscribers with an engaging, trusted and safe way to get even more enjoyment from their FOXTEL subscription.”

FOXTEL partnered with Australian companies Turner International and NDS to produce its Kids Family games, the Australian organisation TwoWayTV for its Brainteaser Trivia games, and French company Visiware, Casino Sport games.

· For $6.95 per month, subscribers can have unlimited access to games in either the Kids Family or Brainteaser Trivia genre, or can choose to have access to both categories for $13.90 per month.

· The new GAMESWORLD service also allows FOXTEL subscribers to “Single Play” all games for $1 from any of the three genres Kids Family, Brainteaser Trivia and Casino Sport.
· Subscribers can access GAMESWORLD by selecting the “Active” button on the FOXTEL remote or by going direct to Channel 555. With Single Play purchase, subscribers need a fixed home phone line with 1900 capacity, connected to their FOXTEL set top box unit. All GAMESWORLD games are played using the FOXTEL remote.

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  1. Thats the problem with these games – too expensive (like everything else on FOXTEL) and not good. They dont represent value for money. When I used to work for FOXTEL the gamesworld portal (Arcade and Mindgames) used to form part of the Employee Package and I used to only play the mind trivia (when I’d remember to do it) – and I can tell you the amount of subscribers I spoke to that had the games portal would total about 20 over my year and a half (I saw more subscribed to Adults Only)

  2. I love my FOXTEL with all my heart : )
    But they are flogging a dead horse with this..they have had these free weekends a few times now..in this day and age of X-Box’s, Playstations and all other manner of computer games, who seriously wants to sit around infront of the telly and play this crap..they look like bad 1980s computer games

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