Gone: Big Bang, Christine, Nip/Tuck, Hotel Babylon.

Channel Nine has just made a raft of programming changes to its summer schedule that show it’s far from happy with its out-of-season performance.

The Big Bang Theory and New Adventure of Old Christine will disappear after next Monday night. This week they had 647,000 (Christine) and 625,000 (Big Bang) heavily beaten by Seven observational shows Coastwatch and Borderline, both 1.3m. They were even beaten by SBS’ Mythbusters Pirate Special (670,000). They are to be replaced by its own observational series, Inferno and Deadly Surf.

After next Sunday, Waking the Dead will move from to Saturdays at 9:30pm starting January 5. Instead Nine will return Sunday movies.

Plans to return Nip / Tuck and Hotel Babylon have been shelved -again.

In the case of Nip / Tuck it is the umpteenth indecision on a return for the show, stuck in a Nine cycle of scheduled, taken off air, rescheduled and withdrawn before it airs. Meanwhile most fans have given up on awaiting the identity of the serial attacker, The Carver and downloaded the series. It will continue with The Closer.

Hotel Babylon, only recently plugged as part of Nine’s 2008 showcase, will not air as planned on Tuesdays in January. Does Nine plan to air these in ratings now? It is replaced by Sensing Murder.

Finally Things to Try Before You Die which was to repeat from Thursday Dec 27 will be replaced by new eps of What A Year with Bert Newton and Julia Zemiro.


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  1. Damn. I only just found this after finding your earlier post about Hotel Babylon returning…I’m not happy. Still no second series and now they take away Moonlight.

    What the hell do Nine expect us to watch?

  2. NOOOOOO!!! Channel nine are so stupid..big bang theory is a great sitcom and i am not normally a big fan of them, but it is funny and enjoyable to watch..
    As for hotel babylon, i too was overjoyed to hear they were playing the second season and now they have pulled it, I have been waiting since 2006 – to hell with the networks, i am downloading and may even tear down my antenna too. they clearly have NO IDEA.

  3. I believe C9 was advertising quite a bit for the two forementioned shows.
    As for Big Bang, im smack bang in its dynamic and I didnt see the appeal. The characters were trying to hard to establish themselves so quickly, geek humor can get real stale real quickly. It just seems the actors in these new sitcoms are trying to hard to sell themselves and not giving enough to the format and trying to make a good show.
    With fame being important more than telling a good story these days in America, a good gem is few and far between.

  4. The Big Bang Theory was one of summer’s BEST new shoes….it’s funny as anything (and, dont hurt me, but can be funnier than 30 Rock, which i also love)
    if they’d advertised AT ALL then people would realise it was on…they only seem to advertise on Monday night right before it starts…..point in case, i was talking about it the other night to my brother, n he said to me “what the hell is that show? iv never seen a ad for it?”

    this from a 13yr who watches TV non-stop lol….as if i didnt hate 9 enough by..

    (P.S Foxtel or Ten should just buy the rights to Nip/Tuck from 9)

  5. Gee, it’s summer. People are busy getting ready for Christmas and to go on holidays. It’s daylight savings time so more people are out later. Why would they be inside watching TV??

    I guess I add Nip/Tuck to my list of DVDs to buy/rent…..

  6. I thought the new boss at NINE knew what he was doing …. how wrong was I!
    This is a vote of “no confidence” in channel Nine … which means “no watching” …. which means NO RATINGS (in the ratings period as well as now!) … is that easy enough for these idiots to ubderstand?
    I want Nip/Tuck and Hotel Babylon back! NOW!!!
    But it is not about the shows … it is about the principle and their disrespect for the viewers!

  7. Hey ratings season or not, they still need ratings to get higher advertising rates.

    The prize for most schizophrenic and paranoid channel of the year defiantly goes to nine.

    To paraphrase… If there not carefull there going to run that place into the ground.

  8. Well folks, there’s always DVD. I never watched a single episode of The Sopranos on Nine thanks to the discs. Then again, I was always ahead on Star Trek thanks to the video releases being nearly a year ahead as well.

    Still, I am wondering why any of us bother with commercial FTA tv anymore. They don’t care about drama or comedy, just cheap lowbrow muck. Nine is the worst offender in many ways, with its programming mindset stuck some twenty years in the past.

    Oh and in other news, the USA Network in the states just cancelled The 4400 and The Dead Zone. Sadly, they did not cancel Psych…

  9. How could Nine take away Nip/Tuck before I even get it in the first place. Maybe N/T should move to Ten, they’d treat it better than Nine. I could see them pairing it up with Californiacation.

  10. Wow, what a shame. It was good to see nine getting back to sitcoms on Monday night. And these two shows are enjoyable summer fare. Christine is a lot of fun and it was cool seeing other former Rosanne stars in cameos on Big Bang. I cetrainly won’t be watching their replavement shows.

    Commiserations to fans of Nip/Tuck as well

  11. *sigh* Disappointing.

    As much as I agree about the downloading everyone else has mentioned, I get all depressed to think that the majority of people are now never going to see the shows, which I know is silly, but it’s true.

    Is 600,000 really such an awful figure in non-ratings period? And are these other copycat shows actually going rate against Border whatever? I hope their idea’s a flop.

  12. Channel 9 need to learn that the KEY problem they have is their lack of respct for their own shows. They, more than any other channel, take things off at the drop of a hat. But you know what? Audiences HATE that. It’s pretty rich to then turn around and say ‘WE <3 TV' when there is little evidence of it!

  13. Channel Nine obviously do not understand the concept of summer. It is non ratings season so who cares if shows do not rate well. Thats the point of summer, to show shows that do not rate well enough in ratings season. Wake up Nine and come to your senses.

  14. I have been waiting very patiently for Nine to air the second season of Hotel Babylon whose first season aired in mid-2006.

    When you announced only a week ago that it would return I was over the moon.

    Now you are telling me that I will have to wait until ratings season where no doubt they will either re-schedule it again or air 2 episodes then axe it.

    Channel Nine are already off to a bad start and it is not even 2008 yet!!

  15. Ch9 should be ashamed of themselves!
    i’m no fan of Nip/Tuck, Hotel Babylon etc but if they expect people to view their channel, they should stick to their guns.

    I actually miss watching sitcoms and I should really not expect to view any for the fact being a network like this can’t make up their minds what to show.

    I really think ch9 should just shut down production as they’re hopeless and definitely lost me as a viewer (since beginning of this year!).

  16. Hang on. It’s NON RATINGS TIME!!!!! Nothing gets axed!!! Right??

    Nine, what the HELL are you doing?

    (Of course, it’s ALWAYS ratings time, but the myth that there is some kind of end-of-season at the start of December is really a convenient excuse to give the alcoholic publicity crew a booze-up cruise).

    Big Bang Theory is actually very funny, and viewers might have actually known that if only the Nine publicists weren’t too busy getting facials and solarium tans and hangin’ out with the girls to actually advertise the thing. Idiots.

    “Illegal” (but perfectly moral) downloads are of course available online, as usual from the reliable sites that I cannot mention here.

  17. maybe if big bang or old christien were actually advertised they would do better, there both great shows and defentaly worth watching

    any idea if they will be back on late night or somthing?

  18. Damn, I will be forever doomed to see Nip/Tuck. If this isn’t a warning for all of us to start downloading our shows now while we can I don’t know what is.

    Perhaps new laws should pass to force networks to wither AIR a show, or GIVE IT UP to someone who will.

  19. You know what, who cares what the networks do now. It’s the age of the internet and if we want something we will just download it! Season 5 of Nip/Tuck is the best yet!! Just got Jam and Jerusalem, LOST is back soon, I am thinking of ripping down the TV antenna! Who needs it when I actually watch more D/L content…oh, Days of our Lives, gotta keep the antenna until it finishes up next year!!

  20. Why Oh WHY!!!!!!!!!

    šŸ™ I had faith in channel 9. How stupid I was!

    Is there any chance of Nip/Tuck returning or is it gone forever?

    I might just have to find out who the carver is right now…

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