Hinch and Laws in restaurant brawl

Radio shock jocks Derryn Hinch and John Laws have been involved in a verbal fight in a Woolloomooloo restaurant.

Hinch claims he was having lunch with friend Bob Rogers when Laws came up from behind with 2UE’s Mike Carlton, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, and began hurling abuse.

Speaking on Radio 3AW, Hinch said Laws was dining at a nearby restaurant when he heard Hinch and Rogers were nearby. “He came down on a mission,” said Hinch. He allegedly began shouting, “‘You are both a pair of despicable bleeps.’

“He repeated it four or five times,” he said.

“It was loud enough for people sitting several tables away to hear it.”

Hinch said Laws kept yelling the ‘C’ word across the classy restaurant.

“I thought I was about to wear a drink or something.”

Hinch appears on 3AW in Melbourne while Laws has just retired from Sydney radio. “I’m no threat to Laws, I never have been,” he said.

Both radio broadcasters currently appear in the History Channel’s documentary, Thanks for Listening: The History of Australian Radio.

During the fiery exchange, Laws is alleged to have told Hinch, “Look at you you’re a failed alcoholic.”

Hinch says he replied, “Look at you, you’re a successful one.” He claims he was “stone cold sober” not having had a drink in two years.

Hinch also said he called Laws, ‘hypocritical.’ When Laws asked when he had been hypocritical, Hinch replied, “‘Try cash for comment for starters.’

“I’ve criticised for cash for comment, and I stand by that,” he said.

“It was really bizarre, I though you silly old fool. He’s not a happy little Vegemite I can tell you,” said Hinch.

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  1. Oh please. this HAS to be a setup right? Laws, Hinch, Rogers AND Carlton. Sheesh. Where was Alan Jones to complete the picture??

    If this is true, and I doubt if it is, they should shoot it and air it. It’ll be more fun than watching Idol’s technical stuff ups.

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