Is this host AOK?

Andrew O’Keefe to host Dancing with the Stars?

That’s who Confidential is tipping for 2008.

It also says there will only be one series of the show next year -surely a good move. Somers, the newspaper suggests, was miffed at having a variety show turned down by Seven.

“(David) Leckie and Somers have long been uncomfortable colleagues at Seven as the network boss was responsible for the axing of Hey Hey it’s Saturday at Channel Nine in 1999,” it claims.

O’Keefe is one of the few variety hosts Seven has in its stable and is known to work well with Sonia Kruger who appeared on his variety pilot earlier this year. Other names likely to be considered would be Grant Denyer (but he already hosts It Takes Two and Australia’s Got Talent) and Larry Emdur.

But would judge Todd McKenney also be interested? He’s been keen for his own show for some time. And could a network ever have enough guts to allow a female to host the show -Sonia Kruger anyone? McKenney and Kruger are both set for Sydney radio in 2008, complicating their availability for a hosting role.

UPDATED: “I was approached about work this afternoon,” Somers said last night.

“It’s very flattering. No sooner had the ink dried on the press release and calls came in.

“I don’t want to go into details. I’m not locked into any network at this stage. I’m a free agent,” he said.

Somers has also put his vote in for Kruger to host.

Don’t believe the talk Somers wont be back at Nine. As the saying goes, it may not happen overnight, but…..

Source: Confidential

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  1. Why not Koche, he’s such a dork, he’d be perfect for the role. And if it’s only going to be one series, it would not be a huge ask considering his current workload. Also he’d get to work with Todd, that could be fun to see.

  2. i actually wouldn’t mind seeing AOK host the show, not that I watched it often but I think he’d be good for it. Only problem is he’s already all over Seven with Deal, The Rich List, Weekend Sunrise and whatever else, so to add him to another show will make him very overused.

  3. It seems like Daryl has jumped from a sinking ship but who knows. And AOk is really the only semi likeable personality Seven have so it makes sense.They don’t really have the on air talent Nine or TEN have
    As for Daryl at Nine it wouldn’t surprise me. And I didn’t know Leckie was responsible for axing Hey Hey? Makes this look like Daryl’s revenge!

  4. Andrew would be okay – Sonia is fantastic but more suited backstage where she can be more irreverant. The host role is actually less engaging than the backstage one.
    As far as Daryl going to Nine – after what I’ve seen they have no intention of launching NEW talent – that is talent which is a brand new face, as opposed to new to their network – so Daryl would be right up their alley because he has a ‘profile’.
    Please would television execs show some guts and give us some great new personalities – and there are many out there who need to be given a chance.

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