Naomi’s ex in drug arrest

“So how’s Naomi?” asked Tony Mokbel.

“She’s alright, she’s made, yeah,” replied the ‘supergrass.’

So went a telephone exchange between Victoria’s most wanted man and a high-profile convicted drug dealer, turned police informer, who was arrested on Wednesday in the Netherlands.

According to the Herald-Sun, the phone conversation in 2000 was a question to a man dating one Naomi Robson. He had secretly recorded a phone conversation between himself and drug-lord Mokbel for Victorian Police. But he fled Australia in 2004 after underworld figures put a bounty on his head.

The ‘supergrass’ was one of three men arrested after a tip-off by Australian Federal Police.

Last year Robson confirmed she had once dated a man for several months without realising he was a drug dealer and con man.

The ‘supergrass’ is said to have dobbed in models, entertainers and other members of Melbourne’s A list.

The arrest of the man again raises the association Robson had with the informer, with her name being a lead story hook by the media.

Ironically, stories of women tricked by con men were the staple of Today Tonight’s tabloid stories. Who could have known the host was in the middle of one herself?

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