No more Chaser for six months

The Chaser boys won’t be appearing on the ABC for the first half of 2008, thanks to a live tour they are planning.

According to the team is said to be too drained to think about a quick return to our screens.

Instead they will tour a stage show to 15 state capitals and regional centres including Ballarat, Townsville and Cairns.

But is there anything more to be read into this? There has been ongoing talk the comedy hit would sign to another network. Could the boys be unhappy with ABC deals? A live tour certainly buys them more time to consider their position, and potentially, other offers.

UPDATED From Morrow has also hosed down speculation that the team plan to go the way of Kath and Kim, which moved from the ABC to Channel Seven this year.”

The ABC has been a great home for us over many years … so I’m still pretty hopeful that we’ll be able to work something out for another TV project with the ABC,” he said.



  1. I didn’t mean from the TV, there’s been a few mentions from audience members as well who go to the live shows in To be fair, when you work with someone that much over the year, there’s got to be some rough times as well.

  2. I think that’s a good idea. As much as I like the show, you could tell they were running out of ideas. In many ways 2006’s season was much better than this year’s.

    Terry – this “talk” of tension were just unsubstantiated rumours which the Chaser denied, I wouldn’t believe it if I were you

  3. I think they’re all just worn out. There’s been talk behind the scenes that things have been particularly tense as well.. I bet this tour is missing a few members as well..

  4. The ‘concept’ may have died already, alongside its main source – the careers of the former political leaders. Maybe it will take six months before The Chasers know if there’s any jokes in this new cabinet. Actually it might only take three months…

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