TEN HD launches

Congratulations to Network TEN on the long-awaited launch of its second channel, TEN HD today.

The first show broadcast in HD will be Totally Wild-Antarctica at 5pm.

A number of visitors to this site have complained about the imposing size of the watermark logo (which looks painfully like ABC HD) so hopefully TEN will find it in their collective hearts to make the watermark more subtle soon.

Nevertheless, the return of favourite shows Battlestar Galactica, Smallville, Veronica Mars plus the debut of Over There put the channel, at this early stage, ahead of the content on 7HD.

TV Tonight looks forward to more choice, more risks and more ideas in 2008!

TEN’s new channel configuration:
Channel 1 = Ten in HD
Channel 10 = Ten in SD
Channel 12 = Ten in HD

Photo: whatsonthetube.net


  1. i live in the bush and we have no TENHD on channal 1, it’s SC10HD on channal 50. so whats the go.. am i still going to be able to watch smallville and battlestar galactica on thursday or not?

  2. I hope 12 does become the HD simulcast, because if the WGA strike finishes sometime soon, I’d love to have letterman in HD – as it’s produced in the US! I hate it how 7 doesn’t do 30 Rock in HD, even though it’s shot in that. Well done to 10 though for having an accurate EPG for each of its channels, unlike 7 which have them all the same.

  3. First it was “Torchwood” @ the 2130 time slot then it gets boned by “Bugs” & now we find ot it gets boned yet again for “Journeymen” starting as of 19 Dec.

    Aussie TV in general sucks.


  4. I’m annoyed that TEN decided to scrap the original HD Ten channel as well. What if I want to watch HD-compatible programming on the standard TEN channel?


  5. David, if you have any inside connections with the TV network it would be great to find out if the programming of those new HD channels is going to be published in newspapers as well. At the moment the published guides are listing programs for SD channels only.

  6. BOO HISS BOO. Now we miss out on great shows because we don’t have HD. I don’t know why Channel 10 doesn’t screen these eps on their normal channel in the morning instead of hiding them from everyone on HD.

    Now we’ll never see how Veronica Mars ends.

  7. Are channels 1 & 12 the same or is 12 the SD channel in HD? I would like to skip any repeating channels!

    I just checked and they both have the TenHD logo – which I agree is way too distracting!

  8. There is nothing about Totally Wild at 5pm on the SC10HD EPG, so it looks as if regional viewers are going to miss out.

    At least Prime is making an effort.

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