Top hosts front Friday Night Project

David Tennant, Billie Piper, David Walliams, Mel C, Sharon Osbourne, Rupert Everett, Joanna Lumley, Christian Slater -just some of the guest hosts you’ll see on Friday Night Project which starts next week on UKTV.

The “Tonight” style show allows guests to take the host chair while comedians Allan Carr and Justin Lee play sidekicks. Both Carr and Lee have contrasting styles of humor, one’s a bloke and one’s definitely not!

Airing in the UK on Channel 4 it is described as “part sketch, part stand up, part chat, part game show, part hidden camera, part audience participation, part performance.”

A full line-up of who’s hosting when is below:

Press Release:

We’re turning every night into a Friday night on UKTV from 2 January 2008 with the hilarious, high-energy and phenomenally popular Friday Night Project.

With the co-hosts hailed as the future of British comedy, Justin Lee (a large, hairy, affable Cornishman) and Alan Carr (a bespectacled, high camp Mancunian with a sharp dress sense and an even sharper tongue) team up for half an hour of good humoured mayhem fronted by a different celebrity guest every night. And the celebrities are queuing up around the block to be on it – Rob Lowe, Mischa Barton, David Walliams, Jamie Oliver, Joanna Lumley, Sharon Osbourne, Jerry Springer, Rupert Everett and Paula Abdul to name but a few.

Part sketch, part stand up, part chat, part game show, part hidden camera, part audience participation, part performance – all the ingredients for a fabulous Friday night in front of the television – except now you can do it every night!

Appearing in January:

Ep 1 David Gest TX Wednesday 2 January 2008
Ep 2 David Tennant TX Thursday 3 January 2008
Ep 3 David Walliams TX Friday 4 January 2008
Ep 4 Joanna Lumley TX Monday 7 January 2008
Ep 5 Rob Lowe TX Tuesday 8 January 2008
Ep 6 Mischa Barton TX Wednesday 9 January 2008
Ep 7 Jamie Oliver TX Thursday 10 January 2008
Ep 8 Rupert Everett TX Friday 11 January 2008
Ep 9 Ashley Jensen TX Monday 14 January 2008
Ep 10 Christian Slater TX Tuesday 15 January 2008
Ep 11 Jade Goody TX Wednesday 16 January 2008
Ep 12 Ross Kemp TX Thursday 17 January 2008
Ep 13 Tamzin Outhwaite TX Friday 18 January 2008
Ep 14 Michael Barrymore TX Monday 21 January 2008
Ep 15 Billie Piper TX Tuesday 22 January 2008
Ep 16 Jessie Wallace TX Wednesday 23 January 2008
Ep 17 Lily Allen TX Thursday 24 January 2008
Ep 18 Mel C TX Friday 25 January 2008
Ep 19 Sharon Osbourne TX Monday 28 January 2008
Ep 20 Denise Van Outen TX Tuesday 29 January 2008
Ep 21 Steven Seagal TX Wednesday 30 January 2008
Ep 22 James Nesbitt TX Thursday 31 January 2008
Ep 23 Lorraine Kelly TX Friday 1 February 2008
Ep 24 Paula Abdul TX Monday 4 February 2008
Ep 25 Ian Wright TX Tuesday 5 February 2008
Ep 26 Chris Moyles TX Wednesday 6 February 2008
Ep 27 Patsy Kensit TX Thursday 7 February 2008
Ep 28 Jamie Oliver TX Friday 8 February 2008
Ep 29 Trisha Goddard TX Monday 11 February 2008
Ep 30 Jerry Springer TX Tuesday 12 February 2008
Ep 31 Girls Aloud TX Wednesday 13 February 2008
Ep 32 Noel Edmonds TX Thursday 14 February 2008
Ep 33 John Barrowman TX Friday 15 February 2008
Ep 34 Justin Hawkins TX Monday 18 February 2008
Ep 35 Carol Vorderman TX Tuesday 19 February 2008
Ep 36 Cilla Black TX Wednesday 20 February 2008
Ep 37 Beth Ditto TX Thursday 21 February 2008
Ep 38 Rupert Everett TX Friday 22 February 2008
Ep 39 Kanye West TX Monday 25 February 2008
Ep 40 Kim Cattrall TX Tuesday 26 February 2008

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  1. Love how David Tennant is now “top of the list” of importance here … absolutely right too … he is phenomenal and will definitely not be typecast by Doctor Who … it is a stepping stone to a stellar career for him. He deserves every possible success!!

  2. i remember watching the episode that mischa barton hosted when i was in england last year. i thought it was pretty good and really wanted the show to air here. and finally its happening.

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