Torchwood vanishing in HD hole

Changes in programming for TEN HD today illustrate how unsettled networks are with their programming for the new channels.

An amendment from TEN looks like Torchwood will now be dropped from its upcoming SciFi night before it even starts.

It was to have aired in repeats at 9:30pm Thursday Dec 20 as part of the themed SciFi night, but a repeat episode of The 4400 is bumped forward, leaving the 10:30pm slot as “TBA.”

If having a second channel is cause to aggravate viewers two-fold then suddenly this new toy doesn’t seem like such a great idea.

TEN committed to two series of Torchwood when it announced the series earlier this year.

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  1. YAAAY second series of torchwood that cranking—-they better pulled through otherwise know lots of angry scarey nerds that will be marching….get rid of the 4400 and dr who on ten as well….yay torchwood

  2. Oh for pity sake! Torchwood is actually filmed in HD so it would look SPECTACULAR on 7 HD … but, as they did before, 7 are not even giving it a chance! It is a very good show with some outstanding episodes … how DARE they hold series two to ransom and destroy it’s chances as well … sell it to 7 and give it a fair go!

    Thank god series two returns in the UK January 16 (at this stage) … so we can all download it and stuff it right up channel 10″s *** !!!!!!

  3. Luke (sexyer1)

    I’m going to guess that aside from 10 having less respect for the Torchwood series, I think they might be scared to waste it on HD, when they felt they had a ruff start on standard analog/digital (changing timeslots etc), given HD is new again and their only just starting to take it seriously, I suspect maybe they’d be nervous that Torchwood’s fans are not yet HD-ready, thus it could be a waste of their money to air it there exclusively!?

    I hope they decide to air it on HD and standard analog/digital at the same time.

    Thanks David, I do like where Foxtel’s HD website is going:

    I do like 10 HD‘s video at the top, but a newer ad is being shown on tv after this which is better.. the rest is just a big image with text and images inside it.

    7 HD‘s website is so bad…. almost useless.. it doesn’t have a tv guide now. 9 HD have hardly bothered, I had to hunt for a mention and you get a small bad image and a paragraph of text.

    ABC HD doesn’t seem to get a mention anywhere on their website as far as I could see, and SBS HD gets a brief mention in their Digital TV page.

  4. Channel 10 really has no idea what they are doing.

    They appear to only want the next series of Torchwood so other channels cant have it.
    Thank goodness Foxtel’s UKTV will be showing the first series from next Tuesday night.

    Its for reason like this that I have Foxtel and get relatives to tape BBC shows for me and send them over to me.

    I rarely watch free to air TV and this is the reason why !!

  5. It’s already on my growing list of questions regarding HD from readers of this site.

    Alas the networks have been dreadful in communicating the ins and outs of their new product to journalists. As viewers have noted, the programming has been lacklustre and the online info for HD dire.

    If and when they ever take the time to improve this dialogue of course I will find out. Whenever I have asked HD questions all I get is “oh can I get someone else to talk this through with you?”

    Meanwhile Foxtel’s new HD is the most user-friendly site currently available here.

  6. Sure there will be “Teething Problems” with such a change. But it is still a massive step forward for free-to-air TV. Plus, Torchwood is a poor show.

  7. TEN had better stay true to their word of a second series of Torchwood or words will be said. And will not be said. *clenches fist*

    I was really looking forward to these repeats because I missed every second episode of this show due to my forgetting to set up the recorder.

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