Union calls for boycott of TEN’s Dance

The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance’s Simon Whipp has called the TEN’s contestant contract for So You Think You Can Dance the “worst” contract he had seen in the business. He has urged Australian dancers to boycott the show.

“There are aspects of this contract that are illegal and unlawful and unfair and inappropriate,” Mr Whipp told The Sunday Telegraph.

The contract includes a ban on membership of the MEAA or any other performing arts union or guild.

The contract also excludes dancers from working for anybody other than Network TEN for a year after the screening of the final.

“The restraint-of-trade clause is unenforceable and it’s unrealistic of Channel TEN to expect (dancers) not to get paid work for 12 months after the show has been screened,” Mr Whipp said.

But Whipp’s call to action may be too late with auditions already having taken place, with contracts already signed and finalists shortlisted.

FremantleMedia spokesman Steve Murphy denied the contracts were illegal and said the company was involved with ongoing discussions with the MEAA.

The Sunday Telegraph says SYTYCD launches February 1st.


  1. Regardless, it is an unfair restraint of trade to prevent a person from working in the field or against competitors. No court would ever uphold it.

    But ofcourse, most of these contestants would never be able to afford a lawyer to examine it.

    The networks always take advantage of their talent.

  2. Do the Idol/BB/Losers contracts restrict work for a whole year? I don’t know about the other shows, but Big Brother at least I thought was only for a couple of months? Not sure.

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