ABC hints at change

This mysterious teaser arrived today. Looks like the ABC is getting into the makeover department too. What does it mean? Is the ABC about to “heart TV” too? What about “ABC: Imperiously”?

This could be a chance for the ABC to shake up its image. Clearly they need more SMS-style voting shows. Media Watch should be doing more stories about comparing margarines and shonky builders. When do we get late night quiz shows hosted by Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton? Bananas in Pyjamas Uncut! Compass: 20 to 1 Confessions!

In all seriousness there will indeed be change coming to the ABC because we have a new federal government and a new Minister for Communications who has plans for the national broadcaster (none of which yet officially include ABC3, the children’s channel).

Somehow I don’t think that’s the change this teaser is hinting at.

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  1. I cannot locate ABC 2 on my telivision which is a new one and I thought was equipped with the nessary to do so. Will you tell me what the frequncy is? I live in the Hope Valley area

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