ABC presenter battling polio

Until this week Trevor Jenkins, Perth’s ABC News sports presenter, has told only his close family, partner and clinicians that he suffers from polio disease.

Prompted by a newspaper story detailing the difficulties almost 2000 other West Australians are facing, he has decided to make his battle public.

The illness has inflicted excruciating back pain on Jenkins.

“I’ve sat in the newsroom many times, many Saturday and Sunday nights, with a back that’s giving me so much grief,” he said.

“But you just smile and do your job and no one knows. You can’t show it, you can’t pause halfway through and say ‘Look I’ve got a terrible back tonight’, so it’s just something you’ve got to live with and a lot of people do.”

Polio is a viral infection that can cause permanent paralysis of muscles including those in the arms, legs or diaphragm.

Source: The West

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