Airdate: Bush Doctors

All Saints’ Jolene Anderson will narrate Seven’s upcoming medical observational series Bush Doctors.

She flies to Dubbo today for the six-part series documenting the drama and lives of medical officers at a rural hospital, which says airs from February 3.

No time slot is mentioned. 6:30 or 7pm perhaps? That could leave Gladiators as a possible 7:30pm Sunday show…

“I’ve already told them (producers) if there are snakes involved or I have to touch them, I’m out of there,” she said.

“I’ve come up against too many of them to know I just can’t cope.”

Sounds like she’d be a perfect candidate for Seven’s show about a fear of snakes.



  1. While I was at the Gladiators taping, they didn’t know when Gladiators was airing yet although most seem to think some time in March… Gladiators could take over for Bush Doctors when its six episode run finishes

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