Airdate: Conviction

Network TEN will air the Dick Wolf-created drama Conviction from Wednesday January 23.

It airs at 8:30pm.

Conviction is another legal series from the man behind Law and Order, looking at young District Attorneys who struggle with a demanding case loads that challenges their lack of experience.

The cast includes Stephanie March reprising her Law & Order: Special Victims Unit role as Alexandra Cabot. But the series, which launched a year after Wolf’s failed Law & Order: Trial By Jury did not last more than one season, being beaten by Numb3rs.

Conviction replaces Starter Wife’s run which ends on January 16.

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  1. I guess TEN will be hoping it is a hit here and then they have something else that can fill in holes thier scheadule due to the WGA strike.

    Has anyone seen any of it? Is it any good? Most Dick Wolf shows are, but if its just another L&O series, people might be a bit over it.

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