Airdate: Dance, Loser, Saving Kids, TTN

So You Think You Can Dance Australia will attempt to make big inroads before ratings begin by having three editions in the week of February 3. It will screen on Sun 3, Monday 4 and again on Wednesday 6 Feb.

It’s part of a move by TEN to hook viewers before other networks launch big shows the following week. Seven has previously found success with the same strategy leading out of the Australian Open.

The Biggest Loser hosted by Ajay (previously known as A.J.) Rochester also launches Sunday Feb 3 and continues weeknights at 7pm.

TEN also premieres Bondi Rescue at 8pm Tuesday Feb 5 and Saving Kids with Damien Leith (yes his name is actually in the title) at 8pm Thursday Feb 7. It is set at the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Finally TTN, the current affairs show for school children returns 11:30am Tuesday Feb 5.

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  1. I didn’t expect TTN to last as long as it has. I remember when Ten said it would create something to fill the void left by BTN when Aunty decided to axe it. When BTN came back, I would have easily thought that it would be on the chopping block.

  2. Yeah, the ABC Version BTN has been around for yonks. I remember we would get all these classes around the TV and watch it, and they would ask for schools to fax in answers to things, and ours got read out and everyone cheered. This is 14 years ago now 😮

  3. It’s mainly for primary school kids. I remember my class watched TTN. We would put everything down and the teacher would say “Kids, TTN is on, let’s watch”.

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