Airdate: Dirty Sexy Money, Desperate Housewives

Seven’s own website has again released the date and timeslot of two shows still under embargo to the rest of media until tomorrow.

On Monday February 11 the new series of Desperate Housewives returns to its 8:30pm timeslot.

It will be followed by the premiere of Dirty Sexy Money at 9:30pm.

Seven continues to ask media to observe programming embargos it happily undermines on its own website. It is the only network with a regular embargo policy.

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  1. Just started re-watching all the shows in one marathon sitting, only 4 more to go tonight, and it’s quite addictive, they could have kept the show going, but looking at the ratings on wiki, the show did lose its appeal in the states, not for everyone I guess.

  2. Dirty Sexy Money has been a critics favorite for the 2007 TV season. Entertianment Weekly named it in the top 5 best shows for 2007, where it only aired a handfull of episodes. The show is witty, clever, face pasted and has many twist and shocks. Its not eveyones cup on tea, but i’am tuning in

  3. Very poorly? It might not be doing gangbusters, but it is holding its own quite well, especially considering it is on a night where it is surrounded by newcomers.

    Channel 7 run poorly? I’d garner to say it’s probably the best run station here in Australia, and its ratings in the past year reflect that. Sam Newman, a Channel 9 ‘celebrity’ chastising the running of Channel 7 is laughable so as far as how wrong a statement it is.

  4. As the font of wisdom Sam Newman said last year Seven are a network run by meercats:) Anyway Dirty Sexy Money will need all the lead in it can get from DH as it’s rating very poorly in the states and has flop written all over it.

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