Airdate: Good News Week

Wasting no time on its revival of Good News Week, TEN will air the show in the first week of ratings.

It is slated for 9pm February 11 then 8:30pm Mondays* thereafter.

Some GNWtv writers have seen their contracts upped from one day’s work a week on The Sideshow to three days on GNW.

“Our first job was coming up with a whole bunch of new game ideas so hopefully it’ll have a whole new sheen of freshness,” says the Media Empire blog.

But at this stage, even they don’t know the team captains.

*UPDATE: TEN 2008 programming indicates an 8:30pm time which contradicts original source: Media Empire


  1. A superb example of happy entertainers being entertaining. Their pleasure was infectious and every member of thesecond show shone at some stage or other. For me to laugh AND think during an Aussie comedy production is rare so they’re getting it right. The regulars were great as always and that Hardy guy, along with Wil and Fiona in particular, was a crack-up.

  2. Tonight I ventured to watch an episode of Good News Week and was pleasantly surprised that with its usual boys own brand of adolescent school yard humour they actually had the balls to have a few more women on the show. Unfortunately I found the approach to humour in this respect as imbalanced and dated as it ever was, which I guess is to be expected really from a bunch of blokes who can only seem to conjure up images of ‘hair and tuna fish’ when they speak about the female genitalia. Good News Week, as dated and as boring as ever, loses another female viewer and I’m sure, more.

    Yawn, yawn and change the chanel.

  3. So I’m guessing that GNW will be 90 minutes long? That’s a tad overkill don’t you think? Then again they could squeeze in an episode of The Office at 10pm but now I’m just being unrealistic. 😛

  4. nice move ten!!!. they will be a force to reckon with on sundays and mondays…should be interesting to see how mondays will rate with the TBL elimination 7pm – 8pm and the SYTYCD elimination at 8pm – 9pm followed by GNW.

    You’d think that the SYTYCD elimination will draw people away from desperate housewives……

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