Airdate: Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters

In 2008 Channel Seven continues to ask media to observe programming embargos but then goes ahead and plugs the information itself. Why?

Either the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, or it’s a ploy simply designed to allow the network to launch the info first. I’m guessing it’s the former.

This year we’ve already seen embargo timeslots leaked for It Takes Two and The Kylie Show by sites for SONY and Minogue’s own website.

Now Seven’s own website tells us that Grey’s Anatomy is back from 8:30pm Sunday Feb 10 followed by Brothers and Sisters at 9:30pm.

There are also on air promotions for Samantha Who that indicate a launch on “Sunday week” (Feb 3). Again, this site can’t officially give you the time until it is out of embargo at 12.01am Thursday. Same goes for Lost, Bush Doctors, The Zoo and a few other bits and pieces.

Seven is the only network to ask media to observe programing embargos with any regularity. But what’s the point if the info is already leaked by the network itself? Aren’t we in the game of trying to promote product?


  1. Not Happy Jan. Brothers and Sisters should not be moved to Sunday nights after Greys Anatomy! It does well after Desperate Housewives and is a perfect match for that show. It will lose its male viewers by moving it there.

  2. no doubt channel seven will promote the new seasons of greys, desperate housewives etc. as “fast-tracked”… EVEN though they have all finished their airing seasons overseas due to the strike! Puk aussie tv.

  3. Wouldn’t it be just so much easier if like the US Networks our Aussie counterparts revealed what will be placed when and where in advance???

    I don’t get why we have to have a hush hus regarding when what will be screened up until a week before it begins.

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