Airdate: Out of the Question

Glenn Robbins’ new quiz / panel show Out of the Question will premiere at 8:30pm Thu Jan 31 on Seven.

The series, produced by Jigsaw, sees topical questions put to three celebrities designed to reveal information about them.

The half hour show will be followed by three episodes of Family Guy.

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  1. anything has got to be better than the current line up of Greys Anatomy and Private Practice.Both way too heavy viewing for a Thursday Night.I hope they have the decency to bring back out of the Question and put in The Cleveland Show,American Dad and another comedy of some sort to fill in the gap prior to scrubs at 10:30pm

  2. @mandy: Agreed. It was just casual talk; no real laugh-out-louds, and only a few mindful chuckles. In the “fast money” or whatever obscure book reference they called it, they actually answered the questions correctly! This is a comedy! I was making my own joke answers!

    Ed’s great in Thank God, but he’s got no lovable personality. He’s like one of those friends who tags along.

    And poor choice for the first episode of Family Guy. Any new viewers would have tuned out. And there was this really disturbing scene where Quagmire shoots the entire Simpson family. Maybe I just didn’t get it.

  3. I saw tonight’s show and to be honest I didn’t get past the first ad break. The words boring at batsh*t come to mind. It might have been better in a later timeslot instead of 8:30 but I think it needed to be workshopped a lot more before it got to air. Is 7 going into the ratings season with this?

  4. To the above posters….

    At the front of your house, there is a 7ft door to that leads to the outside world…. open it, and step out…it’s amazing….

  5. When will Lost air then? Or is seven not planning on returning it straight away and just wait and see what effect the strike has on the season?

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