Awards ceremony in the balance

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association will announce on Monday its decision on hosting the 65th Golden Globe Awards.

“The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has been placed in an extremely difficult position with the ongoing Writers Guild strike,” said President Jorge Camara.

“We are making every effort to work out a solution that will permit the Golden Globes to take place with the creative community present to participate. We hope to announce a resolution to this unfortunate predicament on Monday.”

On Friday the Screen Actors Guild, which has been closely aligned with the WGA, announced its members would not cross picket lines.

NBC holds fast that the HFPA is contractually bound to it and Dick Clark Productions to provide the event. It pays $5m in license fees and sees the event as a lucrative advertising forum.

In Australia the event is due to screen live on Arena 12pm Monday January 14.

The SAG has been granted a dispensation for its own SAG Awards due Jan 27, because of the union’s on-going support of the WGA.

Golden Globe Nominees.

Source: HFPA, LA Times

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  1. Cartone, precisely. And I hope those poor struggling writers find time in their busy activism schedule to think of the hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, from those who do the non-glamour jobs on shows to those whose livlihood revolves around them, that they’ve sent into poverty for the sake of a principle that’s tenuous at best.

  2. Unions/Guilds are incredibly powerful. The financial impact of this strike is massive and extends far beyond the productions companies that the WGA is targetting. I read an article yesterday that highlighted the impact it will have on the fashion industry, for example.

  3. I don’t get it… how are winners gonna receive their trophies? I’d feel a bit jipped if I won and couldn’t collect it in front of a large audience and give an “inspiring” speech.

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