Biography eyes Eddie

Eddie McGuire is said to be “bracing himself” for a new biography by former Nine reporter Patrick Lindsay.

Confidential says McGuire is “‘nervously’ co-operating with the author, who has previously penned biographies on General Peter Cosgrove and triathlete Greg Welch.”

Lindsay is believed to have approached Nine executive Jeffery Browne, plus former news boss, Mark Llewellyn, whose affidavit famously coined the term “boned.”

Lindsay has appeared on Today, Sunday, Wide World of Sports, Sports Sunday, A Current Affair and Seven’s Today Tonight.

A publishing insider told Confidential yesterday: “Eddie is as nervous as anyone would be that skeletons will emerge in his closet.”

Source: Confidential


  1. What I find funny is, this is the first I have heard of this Biography of Eddie and the only reason I know here about it, is because the subject of the book is worried about it. This reads like abit of promotion, maybe it hasn’t made the media gossip pages enough. Can’t have Eddie’s Biography book fail after his unimpressive stint as 9’s CEO.

  2. Eddie is a tv icon and the biggest there is so a book on the great man should sell well.Also it’s funny how all the legends of oz tv are from channel 9. Kennedy,Newton,Lane,Somers..and with Eddie the greatness continues!

  3. I know a good name for the book “Who boned Channel 9?”

    Is there really going to be anything interesting in this book that we don’t already know about Eddie or care to know about Eddie.

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