Cane gets a Burn Notice

Cane is another victim in TEN’s summer programming, after last week’s episode appears to have been its last. It was aptly titled “All Bets Are Off.”

The drama was due to be replaced this week with the legal series Conviction but that was similarly shelved, in favour of a repeat of the Jim Carrey movie, Liar Liar.

Cane joins Psych as hanging in limbo. Neither seem part of the network’s 2008 slate, nor yet appearing on the TEN HD network. Journeyman, which fell off the analogue channel moved across to HD.

Meanwhile TEN must have a lot of faith with Burn Notice adding it to their ratings programming. Last week it premiered to 852,000 which is ok for 9:30pm in summer. But does anybody want to take a guess at how long it will be before this blog has a post titled Burn Notice gets a Burn Notice?

Missing in Action


  1. here here

    Cane was one of the only decent shows 10 has screened for a number of years.

    It is ridiculous how many times they have put it on and off 10 & 10HD. 1 minute its on 10… its axed 7 weeks later… Its on 10HD 2 months after that for 4 weeks, then axed… then comes back for 1 week, 5 weeks later…. 2 weeks later its on for 1 week again only.

    The you bloody dont know what episode you are even up to!


  2. Cane was a great program. It was one of my favorites. It was never given a fair chance. Good acting with good actors. Cane was up against ABC’s Boston Legal. CBS should have tried a different time slot before dropping it. All the crap that’s on TV and they dropped a good one.

  3. I still cannot believe that channel 10 axed Cane…. I think a great majority of 10 programmers require axing?

    I just hope that some other smarter, wiser channel take Cane on asap (or at least fox)….

    tisk, tisk, tisk channel 10 – you’ve lost my support in 2008!!!

  4. CANE was such a excellent show. To axe this show just because of “poor”raiting is a stupidity.
    As a viewer i think that numbers are not accurate indicator of show validity.
    Hope that TEN will soon bancrupt.

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