Capping off the cast

Jessica Rowe, Matthew White, Zach Douglas, Monique Wright and Paul Murray are the cast of Seven’s new HD night-time show The Night Cap.

Set to screen twice a week from Feb 12 it will air at 10:30pm.

The show is designed to be a mix of news and views on the day’s most talked about topics, drawing on internet and interactive viewer material.

The show is the brainchild of Sunrise whiz-kid Adam Boland. Seven is also developing another HD variety fronted by Andrew O’Keefe.

Press Release:

The Seven Network is proud to reveal details of 7HD’s highly anticipated signature program.

The NightCap is a twice weekly chat show – broadcast LIVE from Seven’s High Definition Studio at Sydney’s Martin Place. It will screen Tuesday and Thursday nights from 10:30pm.

Host Matthew White will be joined by Jessica Rowe and Paul Murray for every edition. Big Brother Runner-up Zach Douglas will join the panel each Tuesday night, while Sunrise’s Monique Wright will take the chair on Thursdays.

Every show will feature a special fifth guest host – ranging from celebrities to politicians to sports stars. The NightCap also intends to have a global feel – with Nuala Hafner reporting LIVE from London.

The final member of The NightCap team is Beau. The American Blues singer will croon and serenade the panellists and guests throughout the show.

The NightCap is the brainchild of Adam Boland, the Executive Producer of Sunrise and The Morning Show. He says it’s designed with HD in mind.

“It makes sense we embrace new technology. I want The NightCap to be the most interactive show on television – with webcams, live talkback calls and video streaming. Here comes the future.”

The program will tackle the day’s big stories – before inviting direct input from viewers and guests alike.

“We won’t be doing news in the conventional way,” Boland says. “We intend to take a stand on things. We intend to be jam-packed full of attitude – and we intend to make a noise. But don’t worry, we also intend to have plenty of fun.”

The NightCap is the first of a number of Seven original productions to be shown exclusively on 7HD. The Nightcap starts on Tuesday 12 February.



  1. At least it is on at 10.30pm and I won’t even have to bother taping it. What is next Bert, Karl Stefanovic, Richard Wilkins and
    Peter Ford with a new show on Nine. The Writer’s strike seems to be an excuse for any Aussie show now. I guess it will be an improvement on Big Brother and
    The Biggest Loser.

  2. That “Real People” segment was something Monique (not Monica, sorry!) did before her stint as weathergirl.

    No conspiracy theories, anonymous. It was just blatantly obvious that she was not enjoying her weathergirl stint, and that came through so strongly to the viewer that it was absolutely no surprise when she was taken off weather duty.

  3. Hey Neon Kitten!! Sorry to spoil your conspiracy theory about Monique, but she stil has a weekly segment on Sunrise about “Real People”, it aired this morning and they anounced it will be a regular weekly segment.
    ANd give em a go?
    An ex newsreader being tossed around like salad, an ex weather girl, an ex BB housemate and some other dude I cant recognize.
    Im sure it will be full of double meaning jokes 🙂

  4. Geez guys, at least give em a go before you pass judgement! Why should it matter who they are and where they are from as long as they are good and entertaining hosts?

    If we had it your way we’d be stuck watching Eddie, Bert & O’Keefe for the next 20 years!

  5. I’m actually looking forward to it – I’m night owl and can’t stant the alternative of “The Mint”!

    I don’t understand why everyone here seems to be critical of it before it even airs!

    I think it’s great we’re starting to get some new programming alternatives on the digital channels!

  6. This show will flop before it even starts. With Jessica’s horrendous laugh now in surround sound, i don’t think I could have a good nights rest if it is keeping up like this… too bad 7 you stuffed up with rejected wannabes and with Andrew O’Keefe on another HD show, what 7 running out of fresh faces now.. PATHETIC

  7. I’m taking a guess and will say she (Monica) wouldn’t have much choice, it’s not like she’s doing her own thing on TV, she is just another one of the many TV people who do as they are instructed, not that that’s a bad thing but they get into a situation where they aren’t controlling their career. Plus I’m sure she’s not more than a pretty face.

  8. It will be good to see an original show instead of failed/repeat US ones on 7’s extra channel. I like Zach & Matthew White is OK, hopefully it will be decent.

  9. Oh, I better rush out now and get my new HD set top box so I don’t miss a moment of this riveting TV – yeah right !!!

    Is Seven going to be giving out free HD set top boxes with the Sunday papers because this is the only way anyone is going to watch this !!!

    Can you actually rate negative on Oztam ratings – we are about to find out !!!!

  10. Oh I’m sure Monica “left” Sunrise, yes 😉

    This show looks tragic just from that cast photo. And please, no more Big Brother rejects. Please.

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