Council to split GTV9 site

Yarra City Council wants to see the GTV9 Richmond buildings retained for media related activities such as TV studios and other arts-related ventures.

The heritage-protected buildings could be used as a local theatre, gallery, or public hall.

The Council is seeking community input on its Design and Development principles, following a meeting with residents late last year.

The recommendations are part of a plan to break up a “super block” precinct into a number of smaller blocks.

It has also recommended the re-opening of the original Jago St, currently incorporated on the GTV site, between Bendigo and Stawell Streets.

Council wants to limit new building heights, staggered to two and three storey buildings. It also wants to see affordable housing in any future mix.

The heritage-protected GTV9 building was constructed in 1908 as part of the Wertheim Piano Factory. Property developer Charter Hall has won the right to negotiate the purchase of Nine’s Sydney and Melbourne headquarters, as it seeks a new home with digital facilities.

Note: Building #4 is the original GTV9 / Wertheim Factory in the illustrated picture.

Source: Yarra Council.

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  1. As well as maintaining the original GTV heritage building, it would also be nice if they kept Studio 9 which I’m pretty sure was added on in later years, but is attached to the heritage building. The rest of the building’s it’s fair to say are an isore anyway. But with the history of Studio 9, it could very well be used as some sort of television museum or something along those lines… My 2c…

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