CW shows cut as One Tree Hill fast forwards

America’s CW Network has confirmed its strike-affected midseason schedule, which will likely have a flow-on effect for Australia, especially Network TEN.

TEN takes several titles from the youth-driven CW Network including Supernatural, Pussycat Dolls, America’s Next Top Model, Smallville (on HD) and has previously aired One Tree Hill.

Without new episodes Supernatural is out of the CW schedule. Instead it will focus on unscripted reality including Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious (TEN) and America’s Next Top Model -TEN screens ANTM well after it has aired on FOX8.

Gossip Girl goes into repeats, shifting nights away from the competition of American Idol (due Jan 16), meaning FOX8 is unable to pass more than 13 eps.

TEN still has plenty of Smallville eps. Seven has 10 episodes of CW’s Reaper.

One Tree Hill, which has previously aired in Oz on TEN, is the sole scripted drama to return to CW with new episodes for more than a month. In an unusual move by the drama it plans a ground-breaking “fast forward” where its high school students will ‘skip college’ and re-appear in storylines 4 years down the track.

As Series creator Mark Schwahn told the Post-Gazette he had the idea of jumping the story ahead before season four, when he was trying to convince The CW to keep the show (after the dissolution of The WB).

“I think it’s unprecedented. That’s one of the reasons I was attracted to it, but whenever you come up with an angle or storyline that’s unprecedented, it’s also risky,” Schwahn said by phone last month. Network and studio executives were initially leery of the concept, but they warmed to it. It probably helped that, Beverly Hills, 90210 aside, most college-set shows have failed (Saved by the Bell: The College Years, Class of ’96 etc.).

Economically, the fast-forward meant no college sets would have to be built. Story-wise, Schwahn could avoid improbably sending the whole crew to a fictional university.

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  1. Seriously talking
    Channel 10 never did take One Tree Hill Seriously, but Seriously this is one of the best dramas around and Seriously 10 didn’t see that we are Seriously loving One Tree Hill. Seriously why skip the students going to college, it would Seriously make the tv show not watch worthy Seriously.

  2. Hey Jack Get Over it!!

    There is a reason why there is a writers strike, I am all for them wanting some more money from the studios, for far too long the studios have been making heaps and heaps of money from dvd sales etc, with the writers missing out on some of the action, not anymore they are arguing.
    If it wasn’t for the writers, you wouldn’t be getting your precious TV programs in the first place.

  3. OK, that’s it!!! NOW I am being seriously impacted by that strike … cut the crap and get back to work!
    Desperate for the next episodes of Smallville …
    Don’t they understand that the viewers don’t care less about their issues … we just want our shows delivered ON TIME! And a lot of the writers need repalcing anyway.

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