Gone: ER, Moonlight, Men in Trees, Closer.

Alex O’Loughlin may be left to wander the streets at night.

Nine is taking Moonlight, ER, Men in Trees, You Are What You Eat and Turn Back Your Body Clock out of schedule on Wednesday 6th February.

No replacement timeslots have yet been issued. It was never going to be an easy transition from summer to ratings for fans of these shows, and Nine is not alone in leaving fans lingering over their favourite summer fare.

But it could have given fans one more week, given ratings aren’t back and it is only replacing with a movie Catch Me If You Can from 8:30pm. The 7:30pm timeslot for the reality shows remains TBA.

The Closer is also out of schedule from Monday Feb 4 replaced by CSI:NY. Amazingly, Nip / Tuck remains in schedule (for now?).

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  1. OMG Channel 9 – what are you thinking??? last year a huge fuss was made because you did what you have done again – Cut off shows in midstream – I love ER but every year you do the same, lets show a few episodes, get people interested then have a break over xmas and new year, add a month or so to that and we’ll start airing them again. This is ridiculous – get your act together, fans wait all year round to see their favourite show and you tease them this way – Pathetic, I hope another channel pics up the good shows – in fact I may as well do what everyone else does and download them – if everyone started this how hurt would the pockets of the Executives be…….

  2. i am a new moonlight fan and i will always be this way. This show has changed my obssestion to it, and i hope i can contiune to be this way, with out this show i am gone, its my insperation. All my life i have wanted to be a writer but i didnt know what to write about until i stumbled upon moonlight and now i know what i want to writer about its going to be about vampirers as well.i also love alex who plays as mick st john i want to that all the cast and staff and writer or witers of moonlight because you have givin me my future and hopefuly you will be watching one of my sries shows too and i hope i can find a channel to watch it on.

  3. I came to Australia in December and was appalled by the television stations in this country. First of all I absolutely hate how the channels all mirror the US (the amount of ad breaks in a 30 min timeslot – 3 or 4!!!!! or in a 60min timeslot – atleast 6). Second of all, how a TV channel can run 10-20 mins late from its schedule every day…Channel 7…Third, how a station can just take off a show after a nuber of episodes becaue the ratings are not what they like (90210, ER, etc) People follow programmes and to not show the remaining episodes and fill their timeslot with CRAP, the viewers will leave the station and not return. The US are the same…if a series does not run well for 4 episodes, they will just remove it from the schedule…not giving a care about fans or viewers…

    Oz TV should take a look at the UK tv programming stations….atleast they finish a TV series, even if the ratings take a dip. (They just don’t schedule a 2nd season). This is cos they are either filmed in their entirety before they are aired or because they buy the full season order and makes all the money back from advertisers during the ad breaks for the full season. I have never seen a TV show being taken off the air midway through. I am appalled. I love this country but I just cannot stand to watch the TV. I download / view every tv show now and the stations will soon take notice when most of their viewers disappear because they are having to download their favourite shows becasue they wont show them.

  4. Favourite vampier show hands down is Moonlight. It beats all the other amateur shows out their example buffy! Come on channel nine put it back on just when it was gettin’ to the good part it gets cut off come on. Please put Moonlight back on air Channel Nine.

  5. a message to neon kitten who posted a comment on 24 Jan …. How can I get in touch with you? Would love to get hold of series 13 and 14 of ER – miss it desperately and am sick of Channel 9 yanking my favourite show mid-series ….

  6. I am so sick of Australian TV they give you a few episodes you get back into a routine of knowing when your fave shows are on and then they disappear reappear in a different time slot then disappear again with no mention of when if ever they will be back. None of them have any respect for the viewer. I’m also sick of the s**t that replaces them and all the dancing with celebrities singing with celebrities i want to watch TV not has been wannabe losers dancing and singing. GET YOU ACT TOGETHER AND STOP F**KING US AROUND.

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