Good News as McDermott show returns

Network TEN is reviving Good News Week with Paul McDermott.

No doubt this is a response to the lack of commitment from the Working Dog camp who have been evasive on a return for Thank God You’re Here. TEN has also been missing The Panel for some time.

The production company who devised Good News Week recently saw The Sideshow wind up at the ABC and before that, The Glasshouse.

Meanwhile panel shows like Spicks and Specks go from strength to strength.

Original host Paul McDermott will again front the weekly satire, set to air as early as February. The show originally found success on the ABC before shifting to TEN. It ended in 2000.

Paul McDermott, “The return of Good News Week on TEN. Seriously? It’s going to be like a party at Corey Delaney’s place.”

But what of the original team including Mikey Robbins and Julie McCrossin? McDermott says there’s a new crop of comedians and performers to come.

At this rate it won’t be long before Daryl Somers really is back with Hey Hey.

UPDATE: Feb 11 only at 9pm, thereafter at 8:30pm.

Press Release:

Paul McDermott, the acid-tongued cherub of satire, will reprise his role as host of one of Australian TV’s most successful current affairs comedy shows, Good News Week, when it returns to TEN in February 2008.

Having blazed a trail for shows such as “Spicks & Specks” (an ABC TV production) and “The Glass House” (a GNW production), alleged TV legend Ted Robinson and his production company will bring Good News Week back to our screens.

Each week, Paul & two Captains will lead teams of comedians, media personalities, politicians and “special” guests as they decipher, dissect, deconstruct & completely misrepresent the news of the week.

“A show like Good News Week (GNW) has never been more relevant. It was the show that arguably kicked off many successful variations of the same in recent years, and there is a notable void of this type of current affairs style comedy leading into 2008.

The writers’ strike in the US has highlighted the importance of formats that are home grown, durable and flexible, and rarely do you see a show like GNW where years later you watch and can say that still works. Not to mention the chance to work with Paul and the team at GNW again was just too tempting to pass up.” David Mott, Chief Programming Officer, Network Ten.

Paul McDermott said: “The return of Good News Week on TEN. Seriously? It’s going to be like a party at Corey Delaney’s place.”

Ted Robinson said: “There’s no place I’d rather be. We’re still the one.”

‘Team Captains’ for the season will be announced in the coming days.


  1. I cant wait for it to come back!! I watched back when and saw it twice at the MICF.. ( which GNW plan to be at this year on April 5)

    I am going to a taping on the 16th Feb!! ( 2 weeks ! yay!!)

    God ! Paul Mcdermott is a legend!! Bring on GNW !

  2. Paul, Thank God youre here! Paul McDermott is an enormously talented person who is very much under-rated. I saw him on stage in Witches of Eastwick and was very impressed (especially his improtu ad-lib with Georgie Parker during a set manfulction).
    The rest of the usuals do need an update but the basic format should be a winner; as with any TV show – live or taped – it is all dependant on the cast.

  3. i used the number (02) 9383 4741 to ring, but I’ve also seen (02) 9876 5432 advertised online somewhere…anyway, hope one of these two helps =)

  4. Big fan of the show! Does anyone have a copy of the number to ring for tickets? Ch10 advertised it recently, but I can’t find the number anywhere?

  5. I’m so happy to hear GNW is returning. Even though I doubt it will be spectacular due to the limits of being on being on Ten, it will still be infinitely better than repetitive crime shows and some of the others overseas programs.

    Australian television needs a show like this. Hopefully it will give some upcoming Aussie artists a good opportunity too 🙂

  6. OMG! I loved this show when it was on both the ABC and Channel 10 – I still play many of the musical numbers in my car (yes I am a sad individual) Paul and Mikey great – Julie not so much – Sandman please! Yes I am getting old and this may be nostalgia on my part and yes the format of the show was pretty set, but it was funny and it was compulsary viewing for us. and please get Bob Downe back on with those magical musical duets with Paul. You can still see a few of these on Youtube but there were so many more. Let there be more again. Yay GNW!


    Great newsn although I must agree with the above comment lol

    “It ended it’s run in 2000? Eight years ago?? My God!! where is my life going”!!

  8. Good news indeed – though it’s only happening at all because the ABC was idiotic enough to axe The Sideshow, which was one of last year’s most under-appreciated TV programs.

    Okay, GNW, I dare you – get Imogen Kelly on there, somehow!


  9. if memory serves the move of GNW from the ABC to 10 was a complete was move between about 3 different timeslots before being axed, I even remember the “stars” publically lamenting the fact they moved from the ABC to 10…Mikey Robbins irritates me so If hes involved I wont be watching, but good luck to them, the more Australian shows we have tbe better I reckon

  10. Channel 10 must need another way to get Big Brother, Australian Idol and neighbours “stars” more screen time. That’s the only reason they seem to have any shows that have guests.

  11. It’s a good thing – but let’s hope Ten has the sense to bring the show back in its quick, sharp original format rather the Good News Weekend/hour-long mishmash that the show became in its last days.

  12. I was too young to attend the GNW tapings, I am overjoyed that it’s back. I hope the old gang – Flacco, Sandman, Julie and Mikey can all come back.

  13. The ABC should have brought this back, to replace the Chaser….TEN was the reason the show was axed in the first place. OH dear. Good idea, wrong network!

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