Grammys OK with WGA

The Writer’s Guild of America has granted the Grammy Awards an interim waiver to proceed with writer-approved material. The WGA will not picket the ceremony on February 10.

It’s good news for the 50th Anniversary event.

WGAW President Patric M. Verrone said, “Professional musicians face many of the same issues that we do concerning fair compensation for the use of their work in new media. In the interest of advancing our goal of achieving a fair contract, the WGAW Board felt that this decision should be made on behalf [of] our brothers and sisters in the American Federation of Musicians and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.”

The Grammy Awards will screen live to air in Australia at 12pm Feb 11 on FOX8 in a head to head screening with the BAFTAs on Arena.

Source: LA Times


  1. Hoe can it be ‘live to air’ if the Grammys are today…..Feb.1st and they are being show on pay TV on Feb.11th….
    Also why would you want to Pay for TV that is Full of advertisements!!!!!

  2. I am Miley Cyrus’s #1 fan and I would of loved to see her at the grammys but I don’t have austar!!!!!! ARGGGGG! Thanks anyway. Bye for now
    from steff
    Miley Cyrus’s #1 fan 4eva!!!

  3. Even though the Music Industry and the Writers Guild have agreed they share a lot of the same issues regarding the internet, the Music Industry is in much worse a position. And the Grammys or any other Music award wont help them.
    Here in the Australia the Music Industry is on the verge of becoming like the Movie Industry. After the Parallel Imports Law was introduced in 1997 its nearly immposible to make a living out of the Industry in Australia unless your prepared to tour 360 days out of the year and even then costs barely cover your income and making money of record sales is nearly non existant. (The coupling of Silverchair/Powderfinger on their National tours was no coincidence) In America there artists, producers, managers, promoters etc still make millions off there sales and the introduction of services like Itunes has “softened” the blow that downloading free from the internet has created. It wont be as easy as giving TV Shows an “Itunes” like service and comming up with a figure to download shows that are availible on free-to-air will be nearly immpossible, on top of that say you pay 99c to stream last nights airing of Letterman(providing you didnt tivo it first) then the distrubution of these royalties will see writers get next to nothing. As the demand for TV Shows on the net is no where near on par with music demands.
    Writers claim its the principal, but thats the arty farty part of the strike, they dont give a crap about the art, they just want credit and to get paid as well as making sure the industry knows who makes them look good. The strike wouldnt make any sense unless it did disrupt schedules and making the biggest statement of all would be to have the Oscars postponed.
    The writers are making this fuss for the biggest nothing in American Movie Industry history,

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