Hot Tip: In Treatment

One doctor. Five Sessions. Five nights a week.

A new series from HBO launches in the US on Monday and looks set to create real buzz during the middle of the writer’s strike. And Australia’s Melissa George is the show’s first guest star.

Based on an Israeli series, In Treatment stars Gabriel Byrne as a psychoanalyst who has thirty minute sessions with patients. Stripped as a 9:30pm show, Byrne chats to different guest stars four nights a week then on the fifth then becomes a patient to another analyst (Dianne Wiest) himself.

Strike or no strike the show has 7 weeks of 5 x 30 min eps that reviewers are already calling “highly addictive.”

“I watched all seven weeks that HBO sent me (that’s 35 episodes, people), one after the other, as fast as I could clear the room of my young children. I stayed up past midnight, grew hollow-eyed and pale, missed meals and refused to answer my cellphone or check my e-mail just so I could squeeze in another episode. It wasn’t pretty, but it sure was fun,” writes LA Times critic Mary McNamara.

In Treatment will screen in Australia on Showcase.


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