Jericho season 2 leaked

The first three episodes of Jericho’s second season have been leaked online.

Whether this is a deliberate marketing act is unclear, but the eps are available on Torrent sites.

Last year Jericho was axed by CBS only to trigger fan fury. CBS was bombarded with boxes of peanuts by fans sending the message, “Nuts to you!” One crop farmer went to a lot of trouble to plug the show, although it was well after a decision to renew.

In Australia, TEN is yet to complete its run of season 1, meaning the second season hangs in the balance. Surely it’s a candidate for TEN HD’s sci-fi night?

Source: torrentfreak


  1. Not entirely. They didn’t complete the run.

    I interviewed TEN’s Melbourne programmer Peter Andrews on the eve of the series launch. It was a bold move, but they pulled it before the US axe.

  2. Ten has finished its run on Jericho, it aired about 1 day after CBS aired it in the states as I decided not to download it and watch it on Ten. Just FYI.

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