Meet Seven’s new Gladiators cast

Seven’s Gladiators filmed its first material on Sunday with its new-look team including such names as Outlaw, Thunder, Scar, Amazon, Angel, Destiny and of course Kouta the Greek God.

But who the heck is the guy in the centre?

The remake of the testosterone show is hosted by Tom Williams and Zoe Naylor, and is expected to air on a Sunday night.

Meanwhile American Gladiators returned on the weekend in the US where it is hosted by Hulk Hogan, which probably makes Tom Williams look good.

The Aussie gang are named:
Amazon: Legendary tribal beauty
Angel: Furious and flying
Bionica: Disciplined and focused
Destiny: All-knowing and fiery
Hunter: Stealthy and precise
Kouta: The Greek God
Nitro: Speedy and explosive
Nomad: Dynamic and noble
Olympia: Regal and graceful
Outlaw: Born to be wild
Scar: Fearless warrior
Tank: Man of action
Thunder: Earth-shatteringly strong
Viper: Slitheringly hypnotic

Source: news.com.au

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  1. I know the gladiator outlaw and hes a mad athlete but not a professional.. yet anyway.. but spoke to him the other day and hes rippin it up.. will be interesting to see if the shows any good

  2. Dear “actually”. We are quite aware of the sporting background of each individual Gladiator. However, point is that channel seven are too scared to profile the hardcore strong women of Australia because they dont fit the pretty little magazine criteria. We are so behind the times!

  3. Bodybuilders? We call them figure or fitness girls. If you want to see real bodybuilders look at Christine Envall, Sharon Waters, Taylor Young, Vicki Obrien, Melita Jagic, Itzel chavez, Jo Rogers…They would make much better Gladiators. Real tough chicks. We admire the chosen athletes (as we know some of them) but Gladiators should be extreme. Interesting choice by channel 7. Certainly wont be up with the US chicks.

  4. The actually are professional atheletes. I am actually friends with one of them, and she is a champion kickboxer… but why is people complaining about which channel is better?? Who cares?? Don’t you watch all of them at some point anyway??

  5. another anonymous
    In answer to serious the gladiators are supreme athletes, some are Australian champions at their sport and 2007 universe body building title holder is even amongst them. To quote Tom Williams (the host)in todays press “the gladiators are the most athletic group of people I have ever seen in my life, viewers will be amazed by their power and athleticism”

  6. where is that big guy that channel 7 news and sunrise featured as a gladiator contestant. he was huge and freaky ,that what the gladiators should look like, not the pencil necks that they have picked in 2008.

  7. Australia’s female Gladiators look a lot like Krusty Demon Babes. What happened to Professional athletes, strong women, martial artists and bodybuilding chicks? Red heads, Brunettes?
    I expected hardcore differrent looking girls.

  8. I managed to watch the first two Eps of the American Gladiators when I was there for Xmas Holidays.
    Hulk Hogan Rocks!…Brother!
    I also grew up watching this when it was on in OZ, I like it.

  9. Can’t wait for it! Everybody I know who grew up with the original- mid-20s or so- is excited about it. Dumb goofy fun is something that has been seriously missing from television for a long time.

  10. I would have to agree that 9 is still and the only one.. I heart 9 still, and who cares about the bad run last year, they learnt from their mistakes and moved on, where as seven on the other hand are just copying 9 and other channels its just so pathetic. GET A LIFE 7 you should no better.

  11. i think 7 should give up!
    its going to be interesting year for aussie tv. ive been in the industry for over 16years and i have noticed that 7 tries to be like 9. hey 7 try this “just be 7” dont try to copy other channels. who cares that 7 won on the rating in 07! 9 is still the one.
    yes nine have some work to do this year.all i can say is 7 WATCH OUT!

  12. one of the guys over at mediaspy was at that taping on the weekend, and posted some thoughts in the gladiators thread there. lots of little bits of news there, including all the gladiator names.

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