New line-up Monday on SBS

SBS is worth pencilling into your TV schedule this Monday night if it isn’t already.

The network has quite a few goodies in store to entice you.

Things kick off at 7:30pm with the Top Gear: Polar Special in which the madcap duo have a race to the North Pole. Jeremy Clarkson drives a suped up Toyota Hilux, and Richard Hammond is on a sled with huskies. It is startling television as they cheat death across frozen oceans. Clarkson also appears on Who Do You Think You Are, this Sunday night.

At 9pm are new episodes of the outrageous Drawn Together. The episode ‘Mexican Buy Me Love’ promises more offensive hilarity.

And at 10pm is the brand new drama series, Skins, about a bunch of disparate youth in Bristol. Made by some of the team from Shameless, the show focuses on a different character each episode, allowing the viewer to get ‘under the skin’ of adolescents.

The performers, many of whom are first-time actors, are resoundingly good and despite watching these kids run out of control, their characters are full of heart. Poles apart from other shows with teenagers and highly recommended.

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  1. As long as they don’t punish us with outdated South Park Repeats.Those alone are enough to switch anyone to Nine or Ten’s Monday Night Offerings between 8:30 and 10pm.
    Seven’s womens programme viewers of Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters whenever they screen that need not apply who don’t look elsewhere

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