Nine all in the family

No surprise to see Nine weather presenter Jaynie Seal in today’s press singing the praises of management.

Nine came under fire for its recent handling of staff management, particularly females via reporter Christine Spiteri and sports commentator Stephanie Brantz.

Sydney news presenter Majella Weimers was also unhappy about being shuffled out of her role, but one she was given temporarily while Seal was on maternity leave.

Seal, who gave birth in August, returned on New Year’s Eve, said she had received “great support.”

“There has been no problem whatsoever,” she said.

Nine needed to address recent press with a positive, family spin and noticeably did so in the same paper that ran the Weimers article.

based on what we have been told, it should never have gotten to this point. Not returning Seal to the role would have been far worse -isn’t that the whole point of maternity leave? Damned if they did, and damned if they didn’t…

Meanwhile, *Seal’s partner Temptation’s Ed Phillips is on leave until March, which raises other questions. Does Nine have stockpiles of Temptation in readiness for ratings, or will it not return immediately?

(* Corrected: Seal and Phillips are engaged not married)

Source: Daily Telegraph

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  1. Wasn’t Jaynie one of the original presenters from The Weather Channel? In which state does she present the weather? cause her “temptation” husband films in Melbourne. (thought they resided in Melbourne)

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