Reporter may sue Nine

Christine Spiteri, currently awaiting conciliation of her discrimination complaint against the Nine Network, will return to the US as a Los Angeles correspondent until her contract expires in March.

That’s bound to make for interesting viewing. When news breaks in America in March everyone will have to “keep up appearances.”

The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) is investigating a complaint which includes allegations of sex discrimination, parental responsibility discrimination and race discrimination.

Spiteri may also pursue a legal case against Nine. Whilst being on maternity leave, she was told her contract would not be renewed.

“If it doesn’t work … we’ve got 30 days to commence proceedings in the Federal Court,” said her lawyer.

So far much of the media on the case has been very one-sided. Nine has insisted it will responding to claims, including that Nine’s news director John Westacott
allegedly told her that “with a surname like Spiteri you should try SBS”.

“The network reserves the right with all its fixed-term contract employees to renew or not renew in accordance with the needs of the business at the time,” said a spokesperson.

The latest rumour on Spiteri’s replacement is ACA reporter Peter Stefanovic, brother of Today’s Karl Stefanovic.


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