TEN 2008 line-up revealed

Network TEN is the first commercial FTA network to unveil its new schedule for the 2008 ratings season. It ambitiously includes some US shows in short supply due to the writers strike.

It will kick off Sunday nights with the reality double Biggest Loser and So You Think You Can Dance Australia. From 9pm it will alternate Rove and movies.

The Biggest Loser continues as its stripped 7pm weeknight show with longer one hour editions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia also has a Monday night edition followed by Good News Week and new Supernatural.

Tuesdays is new Bondi Rescue, Womens Murder Club and Burn Notice. Wednesday continues the success of comedy for TEN with Rules of Engagement and Back to You. New episodes of House and Numb3rs follow.

Thursday brings Saving Kids with new SVU and Medium. Fridays continues Kid Nation and movies. Saturdays its AFL or movies.

Only four episodes of House will have aired in the US by the time TEN starts its 08 slate, due to the writers strike. Only three episodes of Medium and two Supernatural eps will have screened.

TEN has also announced it will screen Dexter later this year (it already airs on Foxtel) plus more Don’t Forget the Lyrics (there are rumours of an Aussie version in the pipeline). Conspicuous by their absence are Torchwood season 2 and Flight of the Conchords.

Ratings commences Sunday Feb 10.

Press Release:

Two of the most anticipated shows of 2008, So You Think You Can Dance Australia and The Biggest Loser, will burst on to screens Sunday February 3, leading the charge in TEN’s stellar line up. These marquee domestic programs are the first of many shows to premiere over the subsequent two weeks building an enviable program of entertainment.

David Mott, chief programming officer, Network Ten: “TEN is in one of the strongest positions ever leading into the 2008 ratings season.”

“The audience response to So You Think You Can Dance Australia, The Biggest Loser and now Good News Week, is more promising than even we imagined.”

“Our domestic slate is robust, complementing our enviable US line-up and we are not shy about getting our schedule out there in what we all recognise as TV’s most competitive time of year.”

Also premiering for the first time on Australian screens will be the US hit from international crime writing success James Pattersons, Women’s Murder Club, not to mention the return of comedy gurus Kelsey Grammar and Patricia Heaton in Back to You, with David Spade and Patrick Warburton in Rules of Engagement.

Damien Leith will make his first appearance on TV away from his first love, singing, as host of Saving Kids with Damien Leith, and help tell some of the most heart-warming and inspiring stories from the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

TEN’s line-up of the year will be complemented by the return of TV favourites from home and abroad: Bondi Rescue, House, Supernatural, SVU, Numb3rs, Medium and hot new comers Kid Nation and Burn Notice.

Throughout the year TEN can boast a staggering depth of product with: Rove, Kenny, NCIS, Life, 5th Grader, Australian Idol, Saving Babies, Dexter, Neighbours, AFL, brand new Simpsons, brand new Futurama, How To Look Good Naked, Army Wives, Don’t Forget the Lyrics, Deadliest Catch 2, Ice Road Truckers, My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad, Supernatural, Law & Order, Criminal Intent, Top Model and Pussycat Dolls “Girlilicious”.

As So You Think You Can Dance Australia ends, the hotly debated grand daddy of reality TV Big Brother returns to screens with new hosts and Australia’s leaders in breakfast radio, Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O, at the helm.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks as even more domestic and international shows are announced.

6:00 The Simpsons
6:30 Biggest Loser
7:30 So You Think You Can Dance Australia
9:00 Rove / Movie (alternates)

6:00 Friends
6:30 Neighbours
7:00 Biggest Loser
7:30 So You Think You Can Dance Australia
8:30 Good News Week
(* Feb 4 only: 9pm)
9:30 Supernatural

6:00 Friends
6:30 Neighbours

7:00 Biggest Loser
8:00 Bondi Rescue
8:30 Women’s Murder Club
9:30 Burn Notice

6:00 Friends
6:30 Neighbours

7:00 Biggest Loser
7:30 Rules of Engagement
8:00 Back to You
8:30 House
9:30 Numb3rs

6:00 Friends
6:30 Neighbours

7:00 Biggest Loser
8:00 Saving Kids
8:30 SVU
9:30 Medium

6:00 Friends
6:30 Neighbours

7:00 Biggest Loser
7:30 Kid Nation
8:30 Movie

6:00 The Simpsons
6:30 Before the Game / TBA
8:30 Movies / AFL

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  1. In regards to NCIS, my theory is that it will replace House after House’s 4 episode run finishes.

    Life should return mid this year – probably in May/June.

    Psych is a tough one because its ratings weren’t impressive – if it doesn’t return mid-2008 then it will be on next Summer. Though with the writers strike Ten might give it another go & show it in primetime once a 9.30 show finishes.

    The Simpsons is still on 6pm Saturdays & Sundays.

    Criminal Intent & the original Law & Order should return in a couple of months time.

  2. No Simpsons at 6pm!! May be re-runs but the laughs are still there. The Simpsons DON’T outdate as much as it’s tired replacement. Oh Well, looks like the TV will finally be turned off at 6pm in many MANY houses. Maybe not such a bad idea, thanks 10 for reuniting familys at 6pm!

  3. Well bummer if Torchwood does go to HD. I have a set top box but live in a “regional” area so we have Ten streamed from melbourne and no true HD channels. Grumble.

  4. TEN has 5, not 4 Supernatural eps up there sleeve.

    Happy to see SN back, but slightly disppointed that its been pushed into the 9.30 slot, though GNW is a good lead in for Supernatural.

    Hopefully the WGA strike will resolve itself soon so we can get more episodes before the american ratings season finishes.

    Overall Ten sounds like they have a good lineup =]

  5. Why would Ten Treat Torchwood any differently to other sci-fi shows like battlestar, the 4400, smallville etc? It will only appear on 10HD, and for the people who don’t yet have the capability of HD, well too bad, all the decent shows, which 10 programmers don’t give a 2 hoots about(US Office- which I believe hasn’t as yet appeared on 10HD,Journeyman, which has,etc) off they goto HD.

  6. Due to the nature of the series, Dexter will most likely air at either a 9pm or 9.30pm timeslot (as MA15+ rated shows cannot air any earlier, plus this show’ll probably be bombarded with complaints).

    The future of Thank God You’re Here is still left hanging in the air as Working Dog want to pursue other projects (wtf?)

    Torchwood would most likely return to Ten HD after TEN are done airing Journeyman (at least I hope so :P).

  7. Flight of the Conchords has been talked up by many Americans who are hooked on it, even though it stars two very funny New Zealanders whom also had a weekly run on ABC’s “StandUp!”, so WHY can’t we see this show in Australia? Also, here’s hoping Before The Game gets screened in Sydney each week, as I’m sure its loyal AFL-loving audience will tune in regardless of the broadcast time.

  8. Again I urge everyone to accept networks won’t divulge all their plans.

    Torchwood has not appeared on any of TEN’s 2008 info, despite the network committing to 2 seasons last year. But networks behave like election promisers.

    I fully expect it to appear on TEN HD (or analogue if the strike drags on).

    New NCIS is already promised this year including in this post. Please read thoroughly people…

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