TEN to Look Good Naked

Network TEN has picked up the new US lifestyle series How To Look Good Naked hosted by Carson Kressley.

Based on a British series it is designed to help women feel better about their physique without the need for crash diets and plastic surgery.

Airing in the US on cable network Lifetime Television, it has debuted as the most-watched reality series premiere in the channel’s 24-year history.

Press Release:

Network Ten has secured ‘How to Look Good Naked’ – the hit new show that became the most-watched reality series premiere in the US Lifetime Television channel’s 24-year history.

Hosted by Carson Kressley of ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ fame, ‘How to Look Good Naked’ overwhelmingly won its timeslot in the 18-49 demographic last Friday, achieving an average overall audience of 1.6m for Lifetime Television, one of the top-rated basic US cable channels.

The RDF Media-produced series teaches women of all shapes and sizes how to go from “self-loathing to self-loving” without the need for extreme dieting or cosmetic surgery.


  1. I was surprised when I heard that 10 has picked up this tv show, reason for this is because Carson has been an asset for 7 through the Melbourne cup and all and now 10 has picked this show up, what 7 turned their back on Carson.. Shame on you 7, you should’ve picked it up, too bad it’s your loss.

  2. It’s a welcome return to Carson…. he makes great television…

    The UK version on Foxtel is very good…It’s a clever show that teaches ALL people to look their best, and be comfortable with who they are….

  3. In regard to the press release… since when did extreme dieting or plastic surgery make ANYBODY look good? 😐

    How about a show for skinny people who can’t put on weight, eh? (like me :P)

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