The Kylie Show due in February

Kylie’s UK special The Kylie Show will air on Channel Seven in February.

Today she appeared in her much-publicised interview on Sunrise.

She also spoke about filming Doctor Who, touring Australia ‘as soon as possible’, but denied the rumour of an appearance at Mardi Gras.


  1. As most of these posts are just now re-hashing the same point I will be limiting any posts that don’t return to discussion about the interview itself.

  2. Kylie Minogue can’t sing, dance nor act.. Remember when she starred in Street Fighter the movie with Jean Claude Van Damn.. Wow that was a real stinker wasn’t it, just admit you were disgusted on the way she played the character Cammy..

    As for singing I’m not saying that I’m the best singer in the whole country here, this is what I think and why cant I express what I feel like, it’s a free country and your allowed to speak your mind.

  3. Why do you say she can’t sing live anymore? Is it just because she has a FEVER? Boom tish

    Kylie equivalent to Ray Martin in the music industry, ha ha that’s one funny joke, does that mean she wears a taupe too…

  4. You guys expected in-depth questions from Larry Emdur and SUNRISE?????

    Opening a can of cat-food provides more entertainment than an episode of SUNRISE.

  5. Kylie is finished, maybe for now but she has had her ‘Light Years, Fever’ Success. She is too pretty now. PITA to watch and listen to live.

  6. OMG! What a build up!
    I thought the bloody queen was arriving haha.
    I recorded it all & watched it tonight, after editing it all. There was about 42 mins incl the interview & fan footage etc – it was HUGE for Sunrise!
    Can you let us know the ratings tomorrow David?
    It was great to see Kylie on Aussie tv again – very excited!

  7. I also found this interview cringe-worthy.. Not sure whether it was the questions or Kylie was tired or just not interested but it didn’t make for great viewing, that’s for sure.

  8. Oh it really is an affront to humanity those that criticise our lovely kyle’s…

    Yes she really has nothing to do with Australia anymore and everything is based in the UK but at least she gives us some great pop music from all that bland Hip Hop Shit!!!

  9. Leave Kylie Alone!! I dont see you releasing an album Mr Anonymous. Dont pick on her if you cant do better

    As for the questions etc i totally agree Armitage and Emdur were WAY WAY off the mark

  10. Kylie a Pop icon.. I beg to differ, the thing is she can’t sing nor dance, what an utter shame.. And as for Sunrise having her on the show today bitter disappointment, I had to switch off the TV I couldn’t handle watching it any longer, Samantha and Larry were so bland and those questions which they asked where just OTT..

    As I probably know why Kylie would go on sunrise, she wants people of Australia to buy her album, since its sinking lower down the ARIA charts as we speak.. Woo hoo for Kylie, Nice try.

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