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  1. hey do you know if “Blue Water High” will come to America or a website that i can watch the episodes on? Because i live in America and I’ve seen a few episodes but i really want to watch them all.

  2. Actually I think I mentioned it once in the context of a discussion on the finer points of sitcom rules.

    After some storylining work I moved fairly swiftly into development opportunities for screenwriters via ACMI and Australian Screenwriters Conference etc. Then the TV journo thing in a number of platforms. In this country many artists just go where the work (or enthusiasm) leads them. Might get back to script writing itself at some point, we’ll see!

  3. Any word on a date for Gladiators in March? And also with the launch of a new UK series does this lead us to think that there will be a new Ashes/International Gladiators series at some point?

  4. I enjoy the site david,it has some good info on here, but you keep reminding us that you have degrees and what not in screenwriting etc etc, so why arent you actually screenwriting and working on aussie sitcoms what not, instead of running a blog? And if you are, what shows are you working on?

  5. Greys is back Sunday Feb 10 8.30.

    My understanding is Nine on-sold Gossip Girl to Foxtel, haven’t heard any word of a screening on Nine.

    Still no word on Friday Night Lights or One Tree Hill.

    I have asked about Zoey 101 no response yet.

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