TV Tonight Awards 2007: The Winners!

And here they are!

The Best and Worst of 2007 as decided by you, readers of TV Tonight.

Several shows featured prominently across a number of categories, clearly winning a legion of fans across the year. There were also a number of fansites campaigning hard to get their best across the line. But all’s fair in love and television!

On the eve of TV Tonight’s first birthday we bring you all the winners….

Best Drama (Australian): City Homicide.
Runners Up: Neighbours, All Saints, Home & Away

TV Tonight spoke to City Homicide’s Nadine Garner about the show’s success. She was delighted to hear the show had found such enthusiasm with viewers in its first year.

“Producing yet another Australian police drama was in many ways a big risk for the Seven network. How could it possibly top the popularity of Blue Heelers and loyal following of Stingers, both Melbourne made long running successful cop dramas?” said Nadine.

“So far I think City Homicide, although not a revelation to the cop genre, has delivered a punchy, authentic and truthful hour of weekly drama that I personally am very proud of.

“I largely credit the success of the show to its incredibly experienced writers, John Hugginson and John Banas, and their determination to write the first series entirely on their own, thereby guaranteeing a strict code and through line for each character.

“It’s a pleasure to work with writers who are genuinely excited about each new script they present, under the creative watch of producer Mary Anne Carroll. The cast work well as an ensemble and genuinely enjoy being on set together. All up I think this makes for a watchable drama and hopefully characters that continue to grow, evolve and be relevant to our audience.”

City Homicide also finished the ratings year as Australia’s #1 drama and put up an admirable fight as a contender in this site’s Best New Australian Show.

“Thanks for watching!” Nadine added.

Best Drama (International): Doctor Who
Runners Up: Lost, Brothers and Sisters, House.

Best Comedy (Australian): Summer Heights High
Runners Up: The Chaser’s War on Everything, Thank God You’re Here, Kath & Kim.

Best Comedy (International): The Office
Runners Up: Family Guy, The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives

Best Light Entertainment: Spicks and Specks
Runners Up: Rove, Dancing with the Stars, At the Movies

Best Morning Programme: Sunrise
Runners Up: 9am with David and Kim, Today, The Morning Show

Best Game Show: Deal or No Deal
Runners Up: Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader?, The Rich List, The Singing Bee

Best Reality (Australian): Big Brother
Runners Up: Australian Idol, Australia’s Next Top Model, The Biggest Loser

Best Reality (International): The Amazing Race
Runners Up: So You Think You Can Dance, Survivor, America’s Next Top Model

Best Lifestyle: Better Homes and Gardens
Runners Up: What’s Good For You, The Great Outdoors, Getaway

Best Kids Show: Blue Water High
Runners Up: Hi:5, H:20 Just Add Water, Here’s Humphrey

Best Interview Show: Enough Rope with Andrew Denton
Runners Up: Insiders, Lateline, Meet the Press

Best Factual / Documentary Series: Border Security
Runners Up: Australian Story, Bondi Rescue, Crime Investigation Australia

Best News / Public Affairs: Seven News
Runners Up: TEN News at Five, 7:30 Report, ABC News

Best Sports: AFL Grand Final
Runners Up: Australian Open 2007 (Tennis), Before the Game, Cricket 20/20

Best Female: Kate Ritchie
Runners Up: Sonia Kruger, Myf Warhurst, Julia Zemiro

Best Male: Rove
Runners Up: Chris Lilley, Adam Hills, Shane Bourne

Most Underrated Performer: Jackie Woodburne
Runners Up: Shaun Micallef, Chris Lilley, Sonia Kruger

Best New Australian Show: Summer Heights High
Runners Up: City Homicide, Newstopia, Sea Patrol

Biggest Blunder: Nine axing too many shows without notice
Runners Up: TEN replaces Gretel Killeen with Kyle and Jackie O
Eddie McGuire’s reign
Today Tonight chains in a nursing home

Best Brawl: Kyle Sandilands vs Dave Hughes
Runners Up: Californication vs The Catholic Church
A Current Affair vs Today Tonight
Tarisai vs Australian Idol

Worst Female: Jackie O
Runners Up: Anna Coren, Gretel Killeen, Melissa Doyle

Worst Male: Kyle Sandilands
Runners Up: Eddie McGuire, Daryl Somers, Andrew O’Keefe

Worst Show: Big Brother
Runners Up: The Mint, Today Tonight, National Bingo Night

Best Subscription Channel: Fox 8
Runners Up: Arena, Comedy, Fox Sports

Best Network: Seven
Runners Up: TEN, ABC, Foxtel / Optus / Austar

Thanks for voting!

14 Responses

  1. Three things I can deduce from these results:

    1) Ten needs to program “The Office” properly and not all over the place when they damn well feel like it.

    2) As above but with “Before The Game”, especially outside Melbum


    2) Australia needs a few more quality game shows!

  2. Doctor Who as the best Drama? I watch this show occasionally and find it sometimes good, but more often manic and full of its own self importance. But hey, i know it has passionate fans, so as a passionate fan myself i’ll have to accept that one. At leasts my favorite drama’s came in Second and Third. But House in fourth place.. errg. It amazes me that this episodic drama headed by a grumpy old so and so rates so highly with both viewers and critics alike. I don’t get it. In fact i’d go so far as to says it’s the most over rated show of this decade.

  3. Thanks for that, glad about Kate Ritchie winning and Spicks & Specks, but the MINT has to be the worst show on TV, but hang on probably no-ones watching so they didn’t vote for it.

    Noway The GreatRace was better than So you think You Can Dance, that was tops.
    Rove is overated as usual.
    I agree with most of the other ratings especially Kylie & Jackie O.
    Thanks David.

  4. I voted and i am a huge fan of this site..but u can clearly tell the votes are very Melbourne driven…eg- hating Kyle and Jackie O and AFL Grand Final as best sports coverage.
    The BB best and Worst thing is also dumb.

  5. Unsurprisingly as the awards are a popularity contest many are in sync with ratings, including Seven News.

    Big Brother tends to divide viewers so while some voted it Best Reality others despised it too. As with other media reactions to Kyle and Jackie O looks like they will have their work cut out for them…

  6. ‘Best News: Seven News’
    Are you kidding me? Better than ABC News? Better than the 7:30 Report??? WHAT???

    I guess the only ‘news’ people are interested in are ‘cat up a tree’ stories!

  7. Jack – Jackie plays Susan on Neighbours. She’s an amazing actress, deserves a Logie nod this year!
    Fantastic results – good to see so many people passionate about their tv – I can’t wait for the shows to starts again!

  8. Finally, I can see a place where Australian viewers love The Office (US). In the words of the great Michael Scott ‘it feels like somebody took my heart and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears. And at the same time, somebody else is hitting my soul in the crotch, with a frozen sledge hammer. And then a third guy walks in and starts punching me in the grief bone, and I’m crying , and nobody can hear me, because I’m terribly terribly, terribly alone.’

    Wrong emotion maybe 😉

  9. the awards lost all credibility the moment Sunrise won best morning TV show and Seven best news service.

    What a joke! The Media Spy Seven-loving teen boys with no girlfriends have infiltrated this site too.

  10. Some fantastic results there … particularly for Doctor Who (brilliant result! …David, you should send the info to the Doctor Who Magazine in the UK and they will probably list it in the next edition …)
    Summer Heights High, City Homicide, and Blue Water High (Why do so many adults watch that one I wonder????) … and the wonderful Kate Ritchie!!!
    Who is Jackie Woodburne by the way???

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