Vale: Maila Nurmi

Television’s Vampira has died peacefully aged 86.

Maila Nurmi was the original US TV horror-host in the 1950’s. After her TV run, Nurmi was a well-known figure around L.A. and developed a friendship with James Dean.

After her show was canceled, she refused to sign away the rights to the character and only re-appeared in Ed Wood’s film Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Some claim she was the inspiration behind The Addams Family’s ‘Morticia’ but Nurmi had already attended a fancy dress party dressed as the character from Charles Addams’ cartoon in the New Yorker magazine.

In 1989 she lost a $10 million lawsuit that contended Cassandra Peterson’s Elvira pirated her character.



  1. Therin of Andor


    I remember as a kid here in Sydney, in the late 60s, that Australia’s answer to Vampira (hosting scary movies like a female Deadly Earnest) was played by… Jill Forster, who also became as household name for her roles in “Number 96” (the second Helen Sheridan) and “The Box” (Enid Parker)!

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