Airdate: Kitchen Nightmares USA. Gone: Gift, Rapid Response

Nine is already tweaking its 2008 schedule, but some may be happy with the news.

Kitchen Nightmares USA is set to premiere 9:30pm February 7. The Gordon Ramsay show replaces The Gift and knocks Rapid Response out of schedule.

Thursdays now takes the form of:

9:30pm Kitchen Nightmares USA
10:30pm Amazing Medical Stories
11:30pm Nightline.

Nine is also toying with the order of A Year with the Royal Family, moving to Ep 5 straight after Episode 1 this Monday.

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  1. Agreed, working in the Hospitality industry a while back its pretty much how it is, a lot of stress, a lot of risk and a lot of swearing.
    Your playing with hundreds of thousands of daollars with resturants and you have to be aggressive to survive.
    If Ramsey went in there handing out flowers and compliments nothing would change.
    Great show!!

  2. Sorry Ramsay fans, the US version is absolutely terrible. Everything is bleeped, there’s pretty much no emphasis on food and its focused entirely on arguments and shouting. Gordon doesn’t even get to narrate it,

  3. #1 – No, it isn’t necessary, but the world – especially in the restaurant industry – is full of arrogant potty mouths.

    The reason I like Kitchen Nightmares is because, despite his arrogance and excessive swearing, Gordon Ramsay knows what he’s talking about and he genuinely seems invested into fixing the restaurants up. While I don’t like the excessive swearing (sometimes it’s funny, like last night when he said the head chef needed a rocket up his arse), it’s quite easy for me to look past it.

  4. Excellent news. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the UK version of KN and was disappointed to hear it would be replaced soon.

    I hear that the US version is a bit different with more focus on the arguments, but I’m not sure if this is true as I haven’t seen an episode.

  5. I must be so old fashioned – turned across to see a minute or two of Gordon Ramsay and I couldn’t stand his arrogance and the foul language used on the show. Is it really necessary? Obviously a point of difference for him to be that way but do we really need it in our living room?

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