Airdate: Sinchronicity

SBS is to launch the UK drama Sinchronicity at 10pm Monday March 10.

The six part series, looking at a romantic triangle between three friends, replaces Skins after next week.

Sinchronicity, set in Manchester, follows ‘the sexual misadventures of a group of 20-somethings who dare to ask the question “What if…?”’ Its central characters are porn writer Nathan, and his friends, Fi, girlfriend to Jason. But Nathan loves Fi, while Jason is coming to terms with his bisexuality.

The series is put together by Julian Murphy (As If, Hex) and screened in the UK in October 2006. it stars Daniel Percival, Jemima Rooper and Paul Chequer.

Press Release:

On Monday March 10 at 10pm, SBS will screen the first episode of the cheeky UK drama, Sinchronicity. This six-part series follows the sexual misadventures of a group of 20-somethings who dare to ask the question “What if…?”

Nathan (Paul Chequer), Fi (Jemima Rooper) and Jason (Daniel Percival) are three hip, unhappy twenty-something’s who live in Manchester and are about to discover that life can sometimes hinge on the smallest twists of fate.

Nathan is Sinchronicity’s highly unreliable narrator. A porn journalist by trade, Nathan is an instantly likeable charmer. Although he is 28, Nathan is still trying hard to be the person he feels he should be, and not the one he is.

However, he does spend a lot of his time running around after girls way beyond his reach, all the while knowing that there is only one woman that truly has his heart.

Fi may be Jason’s girlfriend, but she’s also the love of Nathan’s life. As much as he has tried to hide his feelings, Nathan fell for her the second the three of them had first met. Fi is a down-to-earth chef, who loves being creative in the kitchen. She also has a wild streak in her which Nathan finds irresistible!

High-flying financial consultant Jason loves two people in this world – Fi and Nathan. He and Nathan have been friends forever, and Fi can get to him like no-one else can. The only problem is Jason is carrying around a guilty secret that might just blow this cosy threesome wide apart…

Follow the fortunes of this love-locked trio as they encounter an array of romantic conundrums, all driven by the fickle whim of Lady Fate.

Sinchronicity is executive produced by Julian Murphy (As If and Sugar Rush) and directed by Phillip John and Brian Grant.


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