Amazing shows take a race pit stop

Some of Seven’s biggest shows are about to conclude, prior to the Easter non-ratings period.

Border Security, The Force, The Amazing Race, The Zoo and Bush Doctors all conclude in the week beginning March 9.

But at yesterday’s Seven press conference, boss David Leckie said, “We’ve made a real decision to wait until after March 21 to do a lot of things and there’s also the writers’ strike and everything else.”

There are two weeks of non-ratings beginning Sunday March 16.

No word yet on what is replacing these shows, but Gladiators is expected to be one of them. Also look towards Out of the Question being addressed in the re-shuffle.


  1. Dree, refer back to the story about Nine supposedly knowing what “the ISP address of the original uploader of Underbelly” was.

    I note that said person still hasn’t been sent to jail. Or even found, for that matter.

    As for Nine themselves, what did they do to me?

    The Mint, that’s what they did. ‘Nuff said.

  2. I honestly don’t think the networks are in any position to go back into this bizarre “non-ratings” mode this early in the year.

    They’ll pay the price. And I’ll have time to catch up on the quality programming they won’t show that I’ve downloaded and will no doubt soon be pinged for thanks to Nine’s crack team of P2P detectives 😀

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