Animal vet leaves Nine for TEN

Whatever you do, don’t go confusing your life guards with your vets or you could wind up in big trouble.

Sydney veterinarian, Dr. Chris Brown, formerly of Harry’s Practice, Burke’s Backyard, and currently still part of the Today line-up, will leave Nine to host a new factual show for the TEN network.

Bondi Vet promises to bring us, “the adventures of Dr. Chris, who lives and works in Bondi. Bondi Vet will allow viewers a unique insight into the world of one of Sydney’s busiest vets and the animals he devotes his days caring for and treating.”

TEN’s David Mott welcomed Brown to the network saying, “His warmth, charisma and charm are undeniable as the cameras capture his every move while he goes about his daily life as an animal doctor in a busy urban suburb.”

The show will be shot and produced in High Definition by WTFN Entertainment, producers of lifestyle programs including Talk to the Animals, Bread, Coxy’s Big Break and Shopping For Love.

Press Release:

Popular television vet jumps ship to star in TEN’s new factual show Bondi Vet
Wednesday, February 13, 2008.

Network Ten is pleased to announce it has commissioned a brand new Australian program, Bondi Vet, which will commence production in mid-February, 2008.

Featuring charismatic and energetic Sydney Veterinarian, Dr. Chris Brown, Bondi Vet is an unscripted eight part, half-hour television series, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Australia’s most famous beach, Bondi Beach.

Chronicling the adventures of Dr. Chris, who lives and works in Bondi, Bondi Vet will allow viewers a unique insight into the world of one of Sydney’s busiest vets and the animals he devotes his days caring for and treating.

Audiences will be exposed to unusual, unexpected and extraordinary animal “tails”, and of course their owners, all through the eyes of Dr. Chris, who is adored by his clients, both the quadruped and bi-ped types.

From cats and crustaceans to canaries and chickens, Bondi Vet will show Dr. Chris saving the lives of animals that are ill or have suffered serious injury. Each episode will not only deliver a carefully crafted mix of human and animal interest stories, but will also feature a variety of animals that undergo elective procedures to longterm treatments involving the most intricate and technologically advanced surgery.

Viewers will be treated to the behind-the-scenes action of the veterinary surgery and will also get a sneak peak into the life of this handsome, intelligent and empathetic vet.

David Mott, chief programming officer, Network Ten said, “We are thrilled to have commissioned Bondi Vet, which expands our ever growing factual program catalogue and presents a fresh outlook on animal shows.

“We are also delighted to welcome Dr. Chris to the TEN family. His warmth, charisma and charm are undeniable as the cameras capture his every move while he goes about his daily life as an animal doctor in a busy urban suburb.”

WTFN’s director of production, Steve Oemcke said, “We have worked with Dr. Chris for over three years now.

We love his compassion, intelligence and sense of humour. We’re certain that the whole of Australia will feel the same.”

Bondi Vet will be shot and produced in High Definition by WTFN Entertainment, which is best known for lifestyle programs including Talk to the Animals, Bread, Coxy’s Big Break and Shopping For Love.

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  1. i love bondi vet the stories u see are sad and some terriable of the culty of animals that get taken to the vet and some are sad its eather out of happiness that the animal survives or its to sick it dies i would love to meet dr chris brown in real life i want him to help me with a pet ie over wait and a bird who loves his toys to much its embarrassing to watch.

  2. love your show
    just wanted to note that my dog bianco a 4 years old male was dexsex on 24th april the breed is a japanese spitz and something must have went wrong because he’s been in hopsital for 4 days already and has the shake from head to toe and cant even stand up and lm very worried the vet says he’ll be ok but looking at him every day makes me wonder my girls are always in tears each time we visit the hospital please give me advise will he get his strenght back to normal please help
    thankyou so kindly

  3. Have been watching bondi vets i think its absolutly brill so sad in parts but happy in others. Im a pet owner myself i really enjoy watching and i think dr chris is great and could watch him all night and the rest of the team are good to i live in england and will keep watching i love it

  4. Regarding the aggressive chihuahua on last nights show. What a joke. Dr Chris putting himself in another stupid situation purely for the ratings. Any vet in their right mind would never put their fingers into the mouth of a snappy dog. Obviously the producers of the show cared more for the “mexican standoff” scene than the safety of the vet in question. Shame on you Dr Chris for showing the viewing public the exact wrong thing to do when faced with an aggressive dog – of any size. Those of us who work in the industry are laughing at you Chris. Oh, and by the way, if you could organise some free specialist surgery for some of my just as deserving patients that would be awesome!

  5. The show tonight was great, I loved the happy ending for the rottweiler pup. My heart was torn apart though when Beannie, the poor little kangaroo didn’t make it through the night. RIP little guy.

  6. madeline mccabe

    i admire you dr chris and allthough i am not the one having to do the sad things i cry every week i am a animal lover and would never be able to do the things you do thankyou for helping these animals ur my hero

  7. Just reading through comments and can’t believe how stupid some people are. Life is full of tragedy and sadness. Those so called “animal lovers” who are refusing to watch ,fine, your call. Please, go and stick your head in the sand somewhere, but whether you like it or not, the care and compassion that exude from Dr Chris cannot be denied. I hope the series is not pulled from Ten . People need to be informed of how some people treat animals out in the real world. Maybe, as someone said ,it may make some people think differently towards our four legged friends.
    However, for every sad ending, there is a happy one too. But, that’s life.

  8. I watched Bondi Vet on the 12 March 2009 and I was suprized to see the vet travelling in his car through the countryside with his pet dog sitting on the front seat in the car without any restraints on…

    I would think the safest place for any pet would be the back seat and like any travelling passenger it too should have had restaints on when in a moving vehicle…

  9. Don’t get me wrong our family are animal lovers and this show really does bring out the cruelty in some people. We just cannot watch it anymore as it is too heart breaking and I just can’t get the images out of my head. Even when the advertisment or preview comes onto the tv we have to change the channel. I guess that we would rather watch positive and happy stories about animals.

  10. I have been really enjoying all the Bondi Vet’s shows. I have a few animals at home – 3 cats, a dog, bird and a horse, and find this show very interesting. I personally think it will contribute to better behaviour towards animals (we hope!) The story of Jackie last night was extremely sad and like most of Australia, I cried and cried and cried. Although it is sad I found that there were touching moments.. like Jackie wagging her tail and lifting her head when her owner came in – that was just beautiful and shows the commitment and unconditional love from a dog humans. I think that vets and nurses witness so many horrific situations but also some great moments which are very rewarding. I think the show is great and will continue to watch it. Well done Dr Chris and all your staff, I think you are all doing a wonderful job.

  11. I have never watched Bondi Vet before but had it on with the sound turned down while talking on the phone as I was nursing my cute spoilt chihuahua named Timothy. I cried for the poor little dog that I now understand to have been let off his lead. Of all the pain the poor little thing was in, he still wagged his tail when a human came in to see him – that is loyalty and devotion from a pet. Do we really need to have these heart wrenching scenes on TV? I do not let my children watch any of these shows. Can this cruel beast be procesecuted for what he did? How about doing shows with the extreme punishment these scum deserve and should get? I would enjoy seeing these delinquents suffer the brutality and cruelty that they have inflicted on or caused to animals. Wouldnt that make a better deterent to these scum? As Michelle (viewer above) said, the target audience is the animal lovers. I didnt sleep well last night while I had my chihuahua nestled into my bed beside me (as he does every night!) I 100% agree with Michelle (above viewer). Well said! A message to Kerri – Chihuahua’s are the most loyal pets – I love them! I hope the man does take your puppy. If I see a dog out, I always push the car horn for a longtime to make neighbours aware that a dog is out.and then I continue up the road flashing at other drivers to make them think theres a radar around. If I think the dog is lost, I will pick it up and try to reunite it with its owners. Please people, if you are animal lovers, do the same. I will not watch this show again untill the content changes.

  12. I watched Bondi Vet last night and cried my heart out for little Jackie & her owner, unfortunatly these things do happen its a part of life and i think its good they show these stories because it makes you appriaciate your pets a lot more. After watching this story i went and gave my 2yo english staffy a massive cuddle & kiss and realised how lucky i was to have him and how heart broken i would be without him.

  13. I love bondi vet

    you no i want to become a vet when i grow up bondi vet is like an example
    well i also watch RSPCA resce but thats more complacated. But i have a dog his name is Scruffy and he’s 16 he way older then me cause im only 11 but Scruffy is turning 17 in July and his Best friend is my mums cat Max witch is big and lazy but i love watchin ur show so does Scruffy!!!!!!!!!

  14. I watched Bondi Vet tonight for the first time and what a terribly sad story about Jackie. I cried when her owner made the painful decision to have her put down. I hope that idiot who let her loose to steal the lead gets what he deserves.

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