Aussie lights Idol’s fire

29yo Australian and US resident Michael Johns, continues to wow the judges on American Idol.

This week he sang, The Doors’ “Light My Fire,” as one of the show’s Top 12 males.

Randy ‘yo yo’ Jackson said, “I always feel like I’m seeing a true legend rock performer. You’re like a young Michael Hutchence or something.”

“You are the most consistent contestant we’ve had….. You have the natural charisma of a lead singer. You’ve just got it. No problem,” said Simon Cowell.

No word on whether Paula Abdul wanted to meet him after the show for some personal tuition.

On Sunday we’ll know if he made it through (duh).

American Idol screens 7:30pm on FOX8, Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


  1. (I’ll rephrase)

    You shouldnt assume that worldwide fans of INXS are not aware of their entire body of work, sure people may know only the later stuff, but just as many know of the early stuff, I was too young for this band in the early eigthies and I own all their albums and love their work.
    Putting popular speculative belief aside, not all Americans are TV fed dodo’s.

  2. A “young Michael Hutchence”??

    Oh please, Randy.

    Anyway, as far as Americans are concerned, INXS started their career with stadium rock. They don’t even know about the GOOD stuff Hutchence did, and the performance in that video is nothing even remotely like it.

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