Axed: ITT Getting Ready

If you managed to see Seven’s 5pm It Takes Two: Getting Ready yesterday, you’re a rare breed.

There won’t be any more.

Seven has pulled the plug on the ‘support act’ for its prime time karaoke show, after it didn’t help improve figures last night. In fact it dropped by 1,000.

Seven resumes normal 5pm programming for Tuesdays, with MASH reinstated as weeknight fare.

Technically, therefore, It Takes Two: Getting Ready becomes the first show to be axed in the 2008 ratings season. The lead show is down on season averages, but still competitive against commercial competition.

If anybody caught the behind-the-scenes show, what did you think?

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  1. They hardly gave it a chance, no-one even knew it was on, there was no promotion for it week 1 show. They should have at least promoted it on last night’s show and given it another shot and also shown more of the actual rehearsals and behind the scenes instead of recaps.

  2. It was basically a recap of last weeks show with backstage interviews with each couple, also with snippets of what was coming up that night. It was hosted by the two hosts dressed casually in the bare ITT studio.
    It wasn’t much to rave home about!

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