Believe it or not….

Move over Spiderman, Superman and Batman, Ralph Hinkley is back.

Yes they’re planning a feature film of The Greatest American Hero.

The show, produced from 1981 – 1983, starred William Katt as a high school teacher who stumbled onto a suit with superpowers -and no instructions.

At the behest of a short-tempered FBI agent (Robert Culp) Ralph performed feats that thwarted a never-ending string of bad guys and lowlife.

The theme song by Mike Post (Hill St Blues) was the melodic “Believe It Or Not” pop song. With a mix of action and comedy, the show was penned by writer Stephen J. Cannell (The A Team).

The big screen version is said to be shooting in July, with hopes for big names.

Source: Moviehole


  1. ‘Believe it or not’, the theme song, was turned into a answering machine message by George Costanza in a Seinfeld episode – can’t remember which one!

    But George altered the lyrics, and sang : Believe it or not, George isn’t at home . . .

    Owen Wilson fer sure.

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